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Xinsheng Hardware main product drawer slides, drawer runner.

Yantai ring lock industry: give the mature 80-year-old charm

    Has 80 years of development history of the lock ring Yantai Industry Group, and did not appear in history before the old tired, but the constant glow mature, robust and intelligent charm. Making it the most abundant accumulation of the oldest domestic production of the largest, most complete product, exports most professional lock company. At the same time, three-ring technology and equipment, management, technological strength and development capabilities, economic indicators do not have old-fashioned, with its size, efficiency, market share, exports are among the best in the same industry.


Degree of injury suffered up to five stars bathroom business "depression"

   Confused one: gold hot holiday product promotion freeze

    "51", Mid-Autumn Festival, "11", or even New Year's Day ... ... 3 ? 15 consumer rights day, anything can think of the festival, "credit", "Maijiu", "record low" and so the word promotion capture the market on a large scale, promotions, is full of wonders, and even had a bathroom style all their own products to sell on the pounds, as a way to eye-catching. Anwar bathroom, general manager of Guang-Ren Liu in an interview when he talked about SouFun, the current home building industry "formed a marketing dependency syndrome,drawer slides a promotion to sell, not to promote not sell", which are described on the building materials industry promotion the importance of


Strand breaks into the problem of funds to HOLD living Hardware & Electrical Enterprise

   In recent days, last 20 days of the "occupation of Wall Street" protests shocked the world, and in faraway China, not calm.

    Xiao Bian understand mechanical and electrical line, because of funding strand breaks, Wenzhou enterprises closed down, many SME owners have been "on foot", as there are already more than 90 employers liability away. In southern China, the Pearl River Delta of small and medium enterprises involved in the community is concerned by the "eye of the storm." These because of funding problems worsen, making the development of SMEs reached the "tough battle" in danger. Some of the boss overwhelmed, and even suicide.


Pursue the initiative "Five strokes" build the core competitiveness of metal industry

   Hardware manufacturing export-oriented development of distinctive characteristics, in recent years, overall growth in exports of metal products, primary metal appliances full bloom, not just power tools, hand tools, building hardware products, these traditional export products increased very high, and before the export share of small kitchen electric products and sanitary products, export growth is also very obvious. Huge market and center of gravity will further attract multinational hardware manufacturing center to China's shift. Hardware industry in China was the world's encroachment. drawer slides Luo Hui pointed out that the entire hardware industry to enhance our competitiveness, the need to strengthen domestic resources from the source of protection, starting with the domestic market to start, from the basics, they take the initiative, the kinds of situation in order to avoid long-term sustainability.


Go abroad to advance the wind and waves based on the world's Hardware China

  With international and domestic situation changes, domestic hardware companies began to gradually shift foreign trade, international markets, international trade cooperation to further strengthen this process, the hardware companies to difficulties to achieve the "going out" strategy, multi-faceted needs Note.


Vedanta Aluminium production in the second quarter, down 8% to 149,000 tons

   According to Bloomberg News on October 7, India's largest copper producer Vedanta Resources Ltd., announced its Tuticorin smelter in the second quarter of output data, an increase of 28%, while aluminum production declined 8%.

     According to the Vedanta statement,drawer slides as of September 30, Tuticorin second quarter copper cathode production of 67,000 tons from last year jumped to 8.7 million tons of zinc metal production increased by 2% to 21 million tons, while the aluminum production declined 8 percent to 14.9 million tons.


Xuchang, Henan Province, built the first production line of high-pressure grouting bathroom

   Recently, Xuchang City,drawer runner Henan Jin Hui of Ceramics Co., Ltd., Henan Province, built the first production line of high-pressure grouting bathroom, this production line put into operation, marking the industry officially launched in central bathroom sanitary reform wave of the mechanized production process.


2012 prices will be marketing the terminal bathroom "diving"

    Building material prices menacing

     The recent market prices continue, according to official information, copper prices, rising steel prices, rising oil prices, coal prices! Timber market supply is tight, with larger price increases of imported timber, thus boosting the overall market prices of wood, which is a major factor in lumber prices. With the upstream raw material prices such as bullets flying, the air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines,drawer slides water heaters, stoves, sanitary ware and other traditional household appliances will usher in the first wave of bullish trend in 2011, sanitary ware industry price trends can not be far the.


The company moved to enterprise microblogging fashion Hardware & Electrical

  Recently, one by the Machinery Industry Press "microblogging marketing - the company moved to the micro-blog" hot-selling, which is one from a business point of view to study the network microblogging marketing books. This book initially for microblogging marketing function and marketing steps described in detail and research, but also with the case for a comprehensive system to explore different industries, different sizes is to use microblogging tools for marketing.


Challenges facing the whole cabinet, while still optimistic about the prospects

   Out of state for real estate has a policy of particular concern to the people, "the purchase order." At present, all of the specific implementation details are being introduced, the real estate industry is facing a new round of stringent regulation.



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