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LED lighting industry wary of China's international trap

    I believe LED lighting industry, through bitter experience, the people will wake up, consensus: only stick to the road of independent innovation, and increase the growth of LED to the LED light source from the chip package structure and the structural model of the development of LED lighting, from basic raw materials of started to increase investment,drawer runner innovation and buried, can we all are suffering out of the current embarrassing situation.


Development of pneumatic tools trends further down the road width

    As more households to the brand management business line forward, a number of domestic and foreign famous product have been introduced to meet the needs of different consumers. Pneumatic tools is one of them. According to reports, its manufacturing technology, materials and measurement control, to be more advanced than the electric tools.

Pneumatic tools market maturing market is optimistic about business

    The use of pneumatic tools and electric tools, or even reverse, its slim, sleek body, long life, safe, and more energy.
    Overall the current case, it is also more complete varieties and specifications, drawer runner if the wind cutting, gun drilling, polishing machine, impact wrench, etc., but because of its market price generally higher than the power tools, it has also become The pneumatic tools are not generally been used up one of the main. However, according to business operators introduced, drawer slides with the continuous improvement of domestic production and mature technology, pneumatic tools, prices will gradually decline.


Nam bathroom and new trends in industrial development

    Nanan City, Fujian Province is the largest plumbing faucet, hardware accessories, one distribution center, in recent years based on the localization of the four nationally known brands such as the buildings,drawer runner Shenluda, nine, animal husbandry, brilliant excellence in the market for small and medium sized bathroom with industry Nam direct benefit, but also exposed a deep-rooted problems in thinking, a lot of orders for the industry to grab a good punch in the quality of an inferior race, or blind that price to satisfy the so-called "customer needs."

The value of eighty million the most expensive domain name is also sophisticated hardware site

Recently, I browse news by convention, domain names can be found selling price. According to foreign media reports, a California court documents show already the world's most expensive domain name sex.com sold for $ 13,000,000.

    On this matter,drawer runner I believe that the Internet "gold train" has been heading the right track, and the resulting induced Gengrang many industries eager market transactions.


Hardware companies do not ignore the use of personnel, "lazy ants"

    If the business has moved to the screen selection of draft talent, estimates, work hard to type in any area is lit all the way through, practical and pragmatic talents, we all treat it flat, while the loose end badly neglect-type estimates,drawer runner put out the lights probability the high.


Door and window hardware from functional to sought-after personalized painted door

    In the past, door and window hardware more emphasis on its mechanical properties, corrosion, moisture, activities, fatigue and other quality parts. Today, hardware is no longer willing to be a supporting role, from door locks, door touch to cabinet handles, drawer runner hinges, and then to the bathroom towel racks, paper tube and the volume of the coat hooks and other bedroom, according to function different design, different forms, but to maintain the unity of art elements, the overall hardware has become a new fashion home.

Chaozhou bathroom hardware to achieve the transformation and upgrading to polish brand?

    Foshan sanitary quality and grade of an advantage in the domestic market, leading enterprises in Fujian to sell hardware known, claims to have 20 million sales force, so far from the whole, drawer runner Chaozhou bathroom and did not particularly impressed us the highlight of the Chaozhou Sanitary how to polish their brand?


Metal door look brand after buying to see style guide

    For the people, understood the importance of hardware accessories, which is an important place for human beings life and equipment. Each family in the purchase of appropriate hardware accessories, you need to have some knowledge and skills, or may be troubled, drawer runner helpless lives to the future and affect quality of life.


Flocking hanger hangers pk technological advantages of a common look glance

    Flocking hanger: full range, materials, and diverse, fashionable; with non-slip, waterproof, folding, loading, lint-free, non-fading characteristics, drawer runner and the rich colors and can be customized.


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