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Xinsheng Hardware main product drawer slides, drawer runner.

Custom cabinet product attributes become the new bottleneck in the expansion

   As consumers demand different, determines the whole cabinet is customized products.
   Cabinet business from customer order to delivery customers to use, and its depth is far greater than the general commodity, the lengthy sales, production and installation of the service chain, has become a cabinet business development and expansion of the bottlenecks, improve competitiveness of enterprises cabinet blocked must use digital information to get through this bottleneck.


Sichuan doors or whether it is the last piece of cake, Chaoyang

    With the plantation of fast growing forest management policy to fully open up, to mobilize the participation of multi-investment, but also makes the Sichuan forestry industry there are thriving, and effectively process the Sichuan forestry industry provides a strong raw material security.

Difficult to avoid the high cost price furniture custom furniture so popular these days

    This year, especially in recent general rise in food prices, so many people feel the pressure.
    The impact of price increases by the building materials, furniture, the price of the recent upward trend also appeared, some furniture, rose to more than 10%. Prices of some of the furniture companies have not yet said it will end or early next year to raise prices on its products.


Winter fire safety of household electrical appliances do not overlook any details

    Into the winter after the sudden drop in temperature so that many families in the acquisition of electric heaters or electric blankets. I remind, heater should be placed firmly and not near the bed, sofa and other flammable materials, do not dry clothes on the heater on.

Annual output value of 50 billion, "Ping Shoes" With a collective mark

    Recently, this reporter from China's Trademark Trademark notice was informed by the Ping Shoe Industry Association declared "the South China Sea island Shoes" collective trademark in the Trademark Office of SAIC successfully registered.


High-speed machining tool selection process on a small misunderstanding

    High-speed machining spindle speed is not necessarily turn the tens of thousands more, but the rotation speed can reduce the load of the tool blades. According to the type of workpiece and tool selection method, even with the speed of processing center for thousands of revolutions is entirely achievable.


Authentication of the transformer to carry out energy-saving industry, healthy and orderly development

    To better promote energy conservation and emission reduction, the State Council, relevant ministries, local governments have issued a series of preferential policies and incentives to guide enterprises to promote energy-efficient products.

E-commerce market, targeting a broad network of leading business tool

    In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet, and many hardware companies are testing the waters e-commerce market. According to authoritative statistics, to the end of June 2010, the Chinese e-commerce market (only statistical B2B, B2C, C2C market) trading volume reached 2.25 trillion yuan.

Hardware companies for the United States and the meteorite has not chaos "cosmetic"?

    Daily life has been dubbed the "sticky" - the hardware industry, it is often trapped in a "cosmetic" and ecstasy, business start-ups, the mechanisms still in perfect stage to vie with each other grab brands, celebrity endorsements, over and over marketing.

Seagull Bathroom turn for the better performance of the chain to continue to improve profitability

    Seagull sanitary bathroom products company is the leading OEM companies, the main components in the faucet, zinc alloy products, bathroom accessories, water leakage and temperature control valve and other drainage products, drawer runner the company nearly 90% of the products are sold overseas, the Overseas Economic The recovery and the real estate market rebound performance of the company to effectively promote recovery.


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