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Xinsheng Hardware main product drawer slides, drawer runner.

Home improvement home over here: on the door and window hardware accessories for purchase

     Doors and windows have different materials to residential and other construction projects are, in general, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), aluminum, stainless steel, drawer runner color steel and other materials.

Prosperity of the local auto market gradually sights on the U.S. mold companies in China

    And molds in China, many foreign manufacturers, like, CosmosToolingSolutionsLtd. The company is also North America and other countries from exporting to the low cost of the mold has started to.
    But now, drawer slides the company increasingly turned to the expanding Chinese domestic market looking for growth potential.


Rizhao Iron and Steel technology first "three indicators" first in the country

    Iron and steel industry gives the impression that the typical energy consumption of pollution "sunset industry", but was founded in 2003,drawer runner Rizhao Steel Holding Group Co., Ltd., but at the cost of single-minded path of sustainable development, Green Road, so this is only 7 years old , steel production has entered the top ten private enterprises.

Zhejiang create the first set of four high-pressure pump into the cost savings

     Zhejiang Province in March will be held in major science and technology acceptance, declaring China's first high-pressure pumps for seawater desalination research and development success.

     Australia, drawer runner the Middle East where those most in need of more desalination desert in China, Zhejiang province is the largest desalination demand, the size of the islands of Zhoushan Islands, to rely on water desalination.


Industry-wide rights of war - the ability to win over YKK zipper

    Chen Runlin, Zipper Machinery Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Jia, chairman of results. Past six months, he experienced joy and sorrow are two different worlds, in fact, experience with him this "suffering", is the zipper industry in China.


Next year, another record high steel prices steel 2010 Annual Review and 2011 Outlook

    China's steel in 2010 is destined to become another history of the development milestone year, there have been several important things with the epoch-making, China's crude steel production exceeded 600 million tons, with an average yield increase of one hundred million tons every two years, the rate of growth This is a very impressive pace of development.

Innovation and development of hardware required to eliminate the old "concentration camp" mode

    Behind the management system, business philosophy focused on the old old brand operations, not only can not be fast progress, but may be more quickly dissipated.

    Recently, a television station did an old program, invited a number of old Shanghai to discuss the future of old. I personally feel that old now have three outstanding issues:


Recalling the successful development outlook 2010 machine tool industry in 2011

    In recent years, the rapid expansion of China's machine tool market, while the domestic high-end tools, spare parts difficult to meet the requirements.
    Despite the development of the industry in China features faster speeds, but the number and function of components and the growth rate of imports, compared with China and the pace of development compared to metal processing machines, drawer runner remained behind. On the current situation is still substantial imports of China-made features in the development of business impact is obvious, or even restricting their survival and development.


LYC pump developed a successful import substitution with the wheel bearings

    As of December, by the LYC key projects the company is a domestic machinery manufacturers developed 37 meters and 56 meters concrete pump truck with a wheel bearing, has been used the past two years, functioning normally.
    The use of manufacturers found that these two types of pump bearing performance and various indicators have reached the main requirements,drawer runner successful alternative to the imported bearings.


Baosteel produced the first batch sent 690U-tube nuclear power projects in Guangxi Fangchenggang

    December 26, 2010, Baosteel produced by the first domestic nuclear power steam generator tube with 690U delivery ceremony in Yixing City, Jiangsu Province Special Steel Tube Co., Ltd. held Bao Yin.
    The batch will be delivered to Dongfang Electric (Guangzhou) Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., applied to ethnic minority areas in China's first nuclear power project - Fangchenggang City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Unit 1 nuclear power. drawer runner This is also the first use of nuclear power projects in China-made nuclear power steam generator tube with the 690U, get rid of the long-standing dependence on foreign similar products, to meet the major equipment of the key materials in the field of nuclear power to realize the localization of the urgent need for long-term protection of our nuclear facilities and the effective operation of the National Nuclear Security is of great significance.


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