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Bathroom show prices will affect the collective development of the industry?

    According to market research found that after New Year's Day, part of the name brand bathroom without fear of sales pressure on the market, have raised prices. Industry estimates, 2011 will be adding more and more price increases the ranks of sanitary ware brand, the collective prices starting to show. The amount of business is really nothing to fear prices go down? To "low" price dominated the front of the bathroom industry will "drawer runner struggling"? Collective price increases will affect the sanitary industry development?


E-commerce and sanitary industry there is much distance?

   E-business from start to date, not been from the beginning to the present age of electronic commerce recognized, is a very difficult process.
    A shirt brand in the online selling fast, and has attracted the attention of many consumers - this is the end result you want! drawer runner However, the sanitary industry, there are many manufacturers or trading companies interested in e-commerce , tried to enter the e-commerce, build sanitary industry, "e-commerce." But things always backfire, starting from the beginning did not get a good efficiency.


First Xionggu Hua Ling success or failure of the steel are LIANGANG unexpected huge loss

    Valin Iron & Steel is a huge loss in 2010 year, ended the third quarter, the company has accumulated losses of 1.445 billion yuan, is expected to be full-year loss of up to 20 billion, which also led to its share price in the long-term net asset value below the free end in number of media selection in Valin Iron & Steel, "won" the "2010 First Bear Unit" of the title.


For the right price Minmetals to seek participation in the global mineral prices

    Recently, the China Minmetals Group ("Minmetals"), President Zhou Zhongshu on the author said that at present, the international mining industry must be changed unreasonable order, you need to come out with Chinese companies involved in developing rules of the game, Minmetals interested in this, I hope Early into the world-class mining company camp.


CISA expects steel prices in 2011 overall fluctuations in the domestic upstream

    China Iron and Steel Industry Association, January 25 at its official website reported that the general will of steel prices in 2011 fluctuated upward trend.

    As soon usher in the "Spring Festival" holiday, market access winter break, the Steel Association pointed out that before the end of the Spring Festival holiday demand for steel will decline, steel prices will show a trend of stable operation; return to growth after the Spring Festival by the impact of demand,drawer runner steel prices are expected to there upward trend.


Gu and the United States, Jun Widger good brands such as security door checks failed

drawer runner,drawer slides    Quality and Technology Supervision has recently informed the third quarter of 2010, security door, steel door product quality supervision and examination results, the product pass rate of 68.8%. Among them, anti-theft security door sample pass rate of low, only 37.5%.


Foxconn Wuhan China raises and recruitment fought in the future manufacturing

     2010 Coastal face shortage of workers during the Spring Festival; the end of March to early April, Foxconn jumped for 6 employees, followed by the introduction of the minimum wage, gave great pressure on the coastal manufacturing sector.

44% of consumer spending will be pre-concentrated in the cabinet thousands of -1 5 million

    Home improvement kitchen cabinets renovation budget accounts for the bulk of the cabinet left of your home improvement spending budget is how much? It is understood that 44% of consumer spending budget cabinet 5000-10000 yuan.


4 feature of creating a new fresh and frozen food exhibition in Zhengzhou

    Recently, the reporter learned from the China Food Industry Association, Office of Henan Province, food, Henan Food Industry Association, China International Trade Promotion Committee, the Asian economic and trade development promotion center, the Joint Meeting of Zhengzhou Bo Harbourfront Exhibition Planning Co.,drawer runner Ltd. No. 2011, organized jointly third China (Zhengzhou) and refrigerated food preservation technology and equipment exhibition will be held April 13-15 in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center was opened.

Internal Combustion Engine Manufacturing in China manufacturing system is sound and complete high-speed development

   Recently, the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association executive vice president of Xing Min said, "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China became the manufacturing power internal combustion engines, and through deep reforms and adjustments, have begun to enter the development from the amount of change to improve the quality of the stage improve the integrity of the manufacturing system has been formed.


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