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Xinsheng Hardware main product drawer slides, drawer runner.

Strand breaks into the problem of funds to HOLD living Hardware & Electrical Enterprise

   In recent days, last 20 days of the "occupation of Wall Street" protests shocked the world, and in faraway China, not calm.

    Xiao Bian understand mechanical and electrical line, because of funding strand breaks, Wenzhou enterprises closed down, many SME owners have been "on foot", as there are already more than 90 employers liability away. In southern China, the Pearl River Delta of small and medium enterprises involved in the community is concerned by the "eye of the storm." These because of funding problems worsen, making the development of SMEs reached the "tough battle" in danger. Some of the boss overwhelmed, and even suicide.


Pursue the initiative "Five strokes" build the core competitiveness of metal industry

   Hardware manufacturing export-oriented development of distinctive characteristics, in recent years, overall growth in exports of metal products, primary metal appliances full bloom, not just power tools, hand tools, building hardware products, these traditional export products increased very high, and before the export share of small kitchen electric products and sanitary products, export growth is also very obvious. Huge market and center of gravity will further attract multinational hardware manufacturing center to China's shift. Hardware industry in China was the world's encroachment. drawer slides Luo Hui pointed out that the entire hardware industry to enhance our competitiveness, the need to strengthen domestic resources from the source of protection, starting with the domestic market to start, from the basics, they take the initiative, the kinds of situation in order to avoid long-term sustainability.


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