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Xinsheng Hardware main product drawer slides, drawer runner.

Yantai ring lock industry: give the mature 80-year-old charm

    Has 80 years of development history of the lock ring Yantai Industry Group, and did not appear in history before the old tired, but the constant glow mature, robust and intelligent charm. Making it the most abundant accumulation of the oldest domestic production of the largest, most complete product, exports most professional lock company. At the same time, three-ring technology and equipment, management, technological strength and development capabilities, economic indicators do not have old-fashioned, with its size, efficiency, market share, exports are among the best in the same industry.


Degree of injury suffered up to five stars bathroom business "depression"

   Confused one: gold hot holiday product promotion freeze

    "51", Mid-Autumn Festival, "11", or even New Year's Day ... ... 3 ? 15 consumer rights day, anything can think of the festival, "credit", "Maijiu", "record low" and so the word promotion capture the market on a large scale, promotions, is full of wonders, and even had a bathroom style all their own products to sell on the pounds, as a way to eye-catching. Anwar bathroom, general manager of Guang-Ren Liu in an interview when he talked about SouFun, the current home building industry "formed a marketing dependency syndrome,drawer slides a promotion to sell, not to promote not sell", which are described on the building materials industry promotion the importance of


Haining Xinsheng Hardware Factory-(Our main products: drawer slides, drawer runner.