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Professional hardware show in China to force the industry to enhance the development of hardware

    In recent years, show the economy alive, professional hardware show improvement on the industry, the development of the role of doubt, it should be in the affirmative.

    However, these effects include what has always been our thinking and concerns. HC hardware network hardware as the industry's leading media, large and small hardware every year to participate in the exhibition,drawer runner from the perspective of industrial development, hardware show plays a "platform, a link, the window," the three major roles.


Twelve key industries, import and export of five draft development plan has become

   "Twelve Five" during the import and export of electromechanical and high-tech products, a blueprint have begun to take.

    Electrical and technology industry, the Ministry of Commerce Department of National import and export of electromechanical products Zhang Ji, deputy director of the office on the 24th at the "National Electrical tech business conference," revealed, according to preliminary development of goals, "second Five-Year" period,drawer runner import and export of electromechanical products in China and strive to average annual growth rate higher than the growth rate of GDP and foreign trade, and strive to "five-second" end of the scale of imports and exports reached 2.4 trillion U.S. dollars, of which exports reached 1.4 trillion.


Macro processing technology to bring new environmentally friendly low energy efficiency

    Environmental protection at the national low-carbon high-performance concept of the initiative, Guangdong Macro Gas Appliance Co., Ltd. a leading industry, the first self-developed "energy saving gas water heater heat exchanger copper surface treatment technology", dramatically reducing product unit production energy consumption,drawer runner Compared with the existing technology to achieve 30% energy saving on the water heater manufacturing energy saving, emission reduction, energy is of great significance.


Tianma Bearings net profit of 654 million yuan of shares in 2010

   Zhejiang Tianma Bearing Co., Ltd. (002122.SZ, hereinafter referred to as Pegasus shares) issued the evening of 24 results for Letters, 2010, the company achieved total revenue of 3.568 billion yuan, up 9.37% over the previous year; to achieve a net attributable the parent company profit of 654 million yuan, up 18.11% over the previous year; drawer runner earnings per share of 0.55 yuan, up 17.02% over the previous year.


The future development of China's steel industry should go die brand line

   With the continued development of China's mold industry for high-grade steel imports rising mold, mold steel is expected to substantial growth in imports will, in particular, part of the mold cavity die steel in a short time is difficult to change the pattern of imports, China Die steel imports were mainly from Japan, Germany, Sweden, drawer runner Austria, Korea and other countries.


Costs doors sales fell more than prices in general rose 10%

    Chen wooden agents worry about the recent price rise issue. Up it, consumers feel that high prices; not rise, manufacturers become a real selling at a loss.
    "Through our internal investigation and after discussion decided that in order to guarantee basic profit and sustainable development, the doors of my agent very soon to increase product prices 20%, wood products increased by 10% over the previous price." Chen said it When would face some heavy.


Solutions for the Furniture Industry and Commerce Bureau is more protected consumer contract

    Related to the millions of households as a market management of new initiatives, the new contract for the sale of furniture been introduced to wide attention by the community. Compared with the original contract for the sale of furniture, the new contract terms likely to cause controversy was further refined to increase the environmental aspects,drawer runner and thus further protect the interests of consumers.


Platts, the energy for the first time exposed miners quarterly pricing formula

   Implementation over the past year, three miners detailed quarterly pricing formula has finally surfaced.

    Quarterly pricing as a basis for miners - Platts iron ore price index Chupin Fang, according to Platts expect the formula, in the second quarter Vale Caracas agreement powder ore grade of 66% of the CIF will be mine $ 199 / dry ton, the first quarter to 172 U.S. dollars / ton, are expected to rise 15.9%; agreement in the second quarter Rio Tinto ore prices may be in the $ 2.749 FOB / dry tons of degrees, if it is 62% of the BP powder grade ore prices of approximately 170 U.S. dollars / ton, or about 34%.


The right to speak hopeless struggle for the first time in the Steel Association announced the suspension of negotiations on iron ore

    □ iron ore prices soaring profits of Chinese steel enterprises compression, and medium-sized steel enterprises in 2010 the annual average sales profit rate of only 2.91%, lower than the average profit level of industrial sectors.


Delivery of foreign companies are trying to blow mold manufacturing method

    Prototype mold professional manufacturer Fast4mToolingLLC are working to bring a new blow mold manufacturing method of delivery, so that the mold maker can save time and costs.

    Headquartered in Troy's Fast4m the company's vice president of sales and marketing RobEsling said,drawer runner Fast4m the company's steel or aluminum mold stack from the beginning, rather than a solid piece of metal cut from the beginning. This process eliminates the standard mold manufacturing process eighty percent of processing work.


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