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Xinsheng Hardware main product drawer slides, drawer runner.

Hardware manufacturers how to make customers and colleagues awareness and recognition

    Have excellent products.

    Hardware & Electrical Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, Beijing Chaolong Ma Chunjiang, general manager of electrical and mechanical hardware market: I think that as hardware vendors want customers to know,drawer slides understand us, the first point should have the perfect product, production, management is based on a good product .


Common types of processing tools and working principle of abrasive Introduction

    Abrasives are used for grinding, grinding and polishing tools. Most of the abrasive is made of abrasive man-made binder with abrasive, but also useful for processing of natural ore directly into the natural abrasive.

    In addition to grinding and other metalworking machinery manufacturing industry has been widely used, but also for food processing, drawer slides paper and ceramics, glass, stone, plastic, rubber, wood and other non-metallic materials processing.


Hardware upgrade the industrial structure and advantages of the cluster status

    Most of China's hardware industry cluster is to mature from the development process, there is great potential for development, the development speed and quality of development is also more affected by external factors, therefore the great need for the Government to grasp the premise of its development trend for support.


Chinese hardware companies should focus on trademark brand

    Since the trademark since the emergence, for the enterprise has brought high profits, trademarks, brands are an important manifestation of the competitiveness of enterprises. Trademark is entitled to trademark holders by ensuring that goods or services to indicate, or permit others to use to obtain the exclusive right to compensation, drawer slides leaving the trademark holders are protected by law.


Hong Shan Zuo Qi into the lions try heating power plant

    Yesterday, mountain lions hung heating power plant of heat into the trial. Previously, the plant Unit 1 on Jan. 10 formally entered the production power generation, power supply 5.7 billion a year degrees, heat 7.8 million tons, solve the power shortage situation in Quanzhou the south, but also for the surrounding business district heating.


Alert! Metal fire doors market is "lean"

    Recently years, Guangzhou, Foshan, seized one after another "lean pig", Guangzhou has also occurred in "lean" poisoning "lean" not only become a hot topic, how many more people to eat pork adds a panic.


Thirteenth exhibition Adtech Jinan International Machine Tool Exhibition

    March 3, 2011 to 5, Thirteenth International Machine Tool Exhibition in Jinan, Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Centre, held successfully. Shenzhen CNC Technology Co., Ltd Adtech bring their new debut,drawer slides citing customer gathered, the scene very hot.


Construction machinery industry surveys, and downstream distributors and Analysis

    Hai Tong Securities recent research, especially the various construction machinery excavator manufacturing company and its dealers, for the year of 2011 and beyond supply and demand of construction machinery to the conclusion that:


Taozhuang Hardware Machinery traditional products usher in the "second spring"

    It is reported that good iron industry articles, hardware and machinery to create the industrial base, industrial transformation and upgrading of traditional characteristics, industrial development has become the consensus of Tao Town.


Show machine tool consumption in China dominate the world ushered in new long-term

   Overall global metal processing machine tool manufacturing industry out of recession in 2010, the world's 28 major machine tool producing countries and regions, the output value reached 66.3 billion U.S. dollars, compared with the output value of 54.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2009 increased 21%.


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