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Xinsheng Hardware main product drawer slides, drawer runner.

Hardware shop business management: naming service is important

    Hardware products hardware companies rely on to survive, it is because it can provide the necessary things to the community exists. Hardware product has strong competitive edge in the market, whether real advantage, determine the rise and fall of hardware companies.


The development of nuclear energy crisis or change the pattern of long-term positive aluminum

    Japan's nuclear crisis triggered by the earthquake triggered a national reflection on the issue of nuclear power development, speed of development of nuclear power is expected to slow, and including wind, solar and other power generation projects will have greater development, since aluminum itself has a good performance, the development of new energy will be a very good application, and thus boost the consumption of aluminum in related fields, drawer runner long-term positive aluminum.


"Astronomical valuation" at being denied the mountain of steel re-evaluation of steel continue to

    During the restructuring of steel on steel mountain for nearly three years, while the value of the Japanese steel, the latest valuation of assets may Rengshi Mi.

    Some media reports said citing people familiar with before, at present, responsible for the assessment of the assets in the Japanese Steel Enterprise Appraisal Company has given the latest "reference data" -drawer runner Japanese steel asset value at 450 billion yuan.


Iron ore negotiations, pending possible future of steel prices in April

    The Steel City in March, high-profile iron ore market remains the focus of negotiations. More and more like a high ore price pressure in steel prices on the shoulders of Mount Tai, to become an unbearable weight, while mining giant crazy bidding mechanism and the means to subvert the long association that the Chinese side of the original passive surprise, only strong resistance.


Yuyao small appliances for "gold card" global brilliance

    In recent years, Yuyao based appliances small home appliances industry has developed rapidly, the increasing size and strength, has become quite competitive and high visibility of the Chinese household electrical appliance manufacturing base. Indeed, after 30 years of development, consisting mainly of home appliances small home appliances industry has become the largest in Cixi City, the most unique, most potential industrial clusters.


Hardware can also be made in China industry giants increasingly dominate the domestic hardware

    Use the "giant" word to describe the hardware scale enterprises in China is slightly exaggerated, but some companies beginning to show signs of a future giant, so let us use the term to affirm the efforts of these companies are doing.


China-made large aircraft titanium fasteners developed by the Yantai

    March 15 morning, the Eastern Blue Titanium Integrated R & D Technology Co., Ltd. production base in fasteners groundbreaking ceremony was held in Yantai, Shandong Hi-tech Zone.

    First flight in 2014 made a large commercial aircraft, C919, stand-alone 1.09 million standard parts, about 200,000 titanium alloy components will be fully independent R & D from here. Yantai and the whole peninsula this "ride" on the China-made large aircraft flights.


Analysis: fastener industry to exert high-end market

    Launched auto parts through the project, our business in 2013 to 10 billion yuan output value, output value is expected to become the first 10 billion Haiyan fastener business.

    Yesterday, Zhejiang New Oriental Fastener Co., Ltd. Chairman Chen Zhengliang said confidently. I work from the fastener revitalization meeting was informed that there is more and more as companies like New Oriental Fastener, drawer runner sea salt in the fastener industry is moving away from low-end image, and gradually climbed up the high-end market.


Market analysis: how to develop hardware market experts have something to say

    Be concerned about the construction industry, the market philosophy.

    Hardware & Electrical Chamber of Commerce of Guizhou Province Liu Wei (Zhengzhou) Midwest Hardware & Electrical Industry and Regional Economic Development Forum, said: Guizhou province is relatively poor, but the birthplace of the National Hardware Association in Guizhou. Therefore, the professional market with the traditional real estate development is not the same, we must stand in the industry consider this issue on the business philosophy. drawer runner I am more concerned about the Cologne International (Zhengzhou) Hardware & Electrical City project market position. I feel this market is more high-end market, I think the hardware market is not selling gems, gold, high development costs will be passed on to operators who, operators of the luxury market is buy it, this is important consideration .


Respect to the Swiss high-end windows and doors windows and doors to build effective teams into the field

    Grounding difference six years to build the market.

    In 2005, the respected Swiss windows and doors start competing market, specializing in the production door, folding doors, hanging doors, sliding doors, and other kitchen door products. Company was founded, has been committed to honest and reliable business ethics, to advance the design concepts and advanced technology and equipment to provide customers the best quality products and services, kitchen door, in the homogeneous environment, drawer runner to create innovative ideas can not be copied to differentiate the market space.


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