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Xinsheng Hardware main product drawer slides, drawer runner.

Abrasives Zhengzhou Anwar: increase the proportion of end-user to increase the domestic

    Th China International Hardware Fair on March 9, 2011 -11 at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center held, compared with the previous, this session in terms of Hardware Fair booth, exhibitors, visitors have hit a record high, it is understood , the total design capacity of the Expo 90 005 thousand square meters, stands the total to nearly 5,000, more than 2,000 exhibitors are expected to be the audience will then have 4 million.


Japan's earthquake affected the global industrial chain of hardware

    March 11 occurred in 9 northeastern Japan offshore earthquake triggered a number of tsunami, which caused a series of factories closed, and the Fukushima nuclear power plant to stop electricity from leaking, tens of thousands of casualties and missing people.


19th Annual Hardware Fair Comments: to have content of the exhibition marketing

    From the 19th China International Hardware Fair has come to an end the last four days, the exposition of unprecedented scale, the total size of 90,002 thousand square meters, a total of eight exhibition halls. Which, E2 gathered not only well-known brands Museum, big bunch, and on-site marketing activities brilliant concept of development has attracted many people stop to watch.


If the hardware companies are so enthusiastic about e-commerce, such as the European Sheng

    To the current domestic hardware industry, mostly small and medium enterprises to private enterprises. But most of all the enterprise funds is weak hardware companies, mergers and acquisitions, industry chain is low, low value-added products, product homogeneity serious. Hardware industry marketing experts in micro-Bo Huang Qizhi, wrote most of the hardware business and more into a "loss of self", why is it so?


19th Annual Hardware Fair Comments: brand planning needs to be improved

    March 9 -11 days, the three-day 19th China International Hardware Fair has been successfully concluded. The fair, in addition to previous exhibitors old brand, the new brand increased significantly, while the old and new brands in the brand awareness has increased significantly.


Yong Kang Fade appliances: the face of adversity to build hardware brand

    A brand of popular, in addition to the time of accumulation and precipitation, entrepreneurs need the vision and foresight. A true entrepreneur, not only from time to time in sales related to good quality, but also in the later period of time to do brand building, product maintenance, quality products to maintain in the end.


Metal into the era of a big hidden profit loss of the right words

    Many small cabinet companies, have shouted concepts, although some cabinet business concepts or slogans shouted it funny, but for consumers, he is not the objective to identify its authenticity, consumers can only passive to accept such a blast.


Continue to force the development of western metal mold machinery industry

    Fourth Session of the Eleventh CPPCC National Committee and the Fourth Session of the Eleventh National People's Congress (the "two sessions") were on March 3, March 5 in Beijing held a grand, attended by the CPPCC National Committee and National People's Congress to listen to Having considered the two reports.


Teach you how to choose the right one crossbow and instructions

    How can buy their own favorite crossbow is a crossbow friends care about the majority of the general principles of the purchase crossbow Karen received from the individual's economic ability and the use of crossbows geographical environment and the principles of power and volume.


Serious competition in the market sector need to adjust the industry structure locks

    With the knowledge economy, the global economy, the arrival of the information society and competitive factors change, China lock industry is facing crisis in the international market competition, from the whole up analysis, small but more than the production enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and patents of high-tech lock companies less, leading to unstable quality, poor quality products flooding the market.


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