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Xinsheng Hardware main product drawer slides, drawer runner.

Industry Clusters prominent Chinese locks serious disorderly competition

    With the knowledge economy, the global economy, the arrival of the information society and competitive factors change, China lock industry is facing crisis in the international market competition, from the whole up analysis, small but more than the production enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and patents of high-tech lock companies less, leading to unstable quality, poor quality products flooding the market.


Hard to find high-end market is nowhere in lock brands or fear flawed

    Hardware Lock products in Guangdong Province, according to vice president, introduced the Secretary-General Zhongjin Qiang, China's Guangdong Province is one of two base metal lock products, with many Chinese brand, China well-known trademarks and provincial famous brand, famous brand products.


An industrial park of Hebei start operating a new non-ferrous metals

    An County, Baoding, Hebei Industrial Park, opened non-ferrous metals, scrap non-ferrous metals in the industrial park set storage, processing, trade, transport in one of the major park project, when completed, drawer runner to cover the surrounding counties.


Steel City by late spring steel trade cautiously optimistic about business outlook

    Festival has a month of time, by the high steel production, inventory pressures, no significant improvement in the steel city of demand, steel prices to fall. Steel trade and business generally felt that, although now in a period of adjustment, but only "late spring" by the late uplift demand and cost impact of high prices, drawer runner steel market outlook is still good.


The total loss of the steel industry not to take iron ore prices as a shield

    Recently, the world's top three mining performance report released in 2010, net profit of 17.3 billion CVRD, BHP Billiton 17 billion U.S. dollars, twice the earnings growth Rio Tinto 143 billion.

    Impressive performance with the three major mines in contrast to the meager profits of the domestic steel mills. drawer runner China Steel Association statistics, only 2.91% iron and steel industry, the sales margin, becoming the lowest domestic industries. Taking into account the profits of the steel mills, non-steel, steel mills, steel-making business or even losses. Thus, the industry will profit the steel industry profits or even losses attributed to the iron ore industry.


Superstar Technology "style high-speed railway," filling the atmosphere king style

     At 9:00 on March 9, th China International Hardware Fair in Shanghai New International Expo Center opened. 3-day conference, drawer runner nearly 2,000 exhibitors. Scale is the largest China International Hardware Fair previous one.

The 19th China International Hardware Fair opening the road wear name brands and enterprises

   March 9, Nineteenth scheduled opening of the Shanghai International Hardware Fair, grinding mill business network with many enterprises come together to share hardware gluttonous feast.

    According to reporters at the scene learned that the total exhibition scale reached 90,002 Design thousand square meters,drawer runner stands the total to nearly 5,000, more than 2,000 exhibitors are expected to be the audience will then have 4 million. The industry is also up to nearly forty exhibitors, of which foreign exchange Guangdong, Zhuhai Elephant, Henan Great Wall, one of Zhejiang Province, Langfang Ju Long, Shenzhen Shenzhen pigeon enterprises are well-known within the industry will all be present, and put special booth is more than the previous more to the International Hardware Fair in the spoils. drawer slides In addition, from outside the Saint-Gobain, the elephant's large outdoor advertising Zhuhai view, abrasives corporate brand on the road has become increasingly clear.


Will bring development to explore the development of new Yongkang Hardware Fair Way

    In recent years, vigorous development of China's exhibition industry, conferences and exhibitions in driving the development of related industries, and expand urban employment, raising the city known to promote the development of aspects of domestic and foreign trade played a huge role, has caused the government's attention.


Brazil, Japan and South Korea to jointly participate in financing agreement metals giant

    Japan and South Korea's iron and steel manufacturers, trading companies and government agencies 4, reached an agreement jointly to the Brazilian mining major metals companies, "the Brazilian Mining Company" (CBMM) 15% stake in the common reference data. Japan and South Korea hopes the two governments and enterprises to cooperate to ensure the stability of steel raw materials supply of rare metals.


AFFECTED bearing construction investment 2,000,000,000 yuan Industrial Park

    Recently, the Luoyang Bearing Corporation invested in the construction of precision bearings Industrial Park construction project in Quzhou County, Handan City, Hebei Province, to complete site selection, officially settled.


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