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Xinsheng Hardware main product drawer slides, drawer runner.

South Korean auto parts exports within five years to be raised to 30 billion U.S. dollars

    Ministry of Knowledge Economy said recently that South Korea intends to export auto parts by 2015 increase to 300 billion U.S. dollars, the amount of over 18.9 billion in 2010 increased by 58%. Signed in the next few years South Korea free trade agreement will help achieve this goal.


Maintenance of cork flooring is very important to help you easily get the five codes

    Use three to five years if the individual at the wear, you can make up for local use, that is added in the local office to re-coating, the method is very simple, in the fray gently sanding, remove surface scale by then wipe with a dry soft cloth to gently clean,drawer runner re-coating system for coating, or in the local place to stick the polyester film.


CNC machine tools will become the main force in the future cutting market

    China as the world's largest machine tool consumer, high-end CNC cutting machine tool industry's self-sufficiency rate of serious low, in the design and development, materials technology, components and other advanced countries with the world there is a big gap.


China's bicycle industry in 2010 and battery manufacturing operation

    Bicycle industry produced by the negative growth in 2009 to positive growth.

    2010, warming of the global economy, market demand has been restored, a bike show economic operation of restorative growth. Bicycle industry total industrial sales output value by the year 2009, negative growth to positive growth, increased by 24.19% year on year. Total output value of new products, an increase of 60.1%, 99.3% of total sales rate.


Appliance market optimistic about the growth trend is a clear white leading brokerage

   Appliance plate appeared from 1 continued to rise since the end of the market, yesterday rose to 4.16% overall plate, ranking first in all sections. Broker reports published recently that the appliance industry should continue to be optimistic, and one clear growth trend, and inflation but also has the concept of valuation advantage white has been leading the company's most popular.


Sanitary ware bathroom products market potential rules of how to find new business opportunities for clusters

    Now bathroom unexpected development of new technologies, such as bath water injection from the ceiling, hidden in the wall of the faucet, toilet, and so can not see the water tank.
    Wall-type faucet can be hidden in a ceiling or side wall of the bathtub, the spout and drip tray of two parts, people still know the truth on the wall above the bathtub that is a fine mosaic decorations, touch switches.


Hardware prices of raw materials to enhance the opportunity for the industry

    Hardware industry now, from the hardware last year have been rising prices of raw materials, and particularly large gains. Imbalance between supply and demand of raw materials, resulting in metal prices are also rising.

    The expert analysis, the raw material prices, it is the economic laws of a specific manifestation in the hardware industry, drawer runner the global economic recovery and continued strong growth of Chinese economy is the metal the root causes of rising raw material prices. Raw material prices, rising costs in the long run for the industry, but it is an opportunity to enhance the industry.


Vale 6.2 billion steel mill project has been approved by the environmental protection department


    According to The Wall Street Journal reported that the Brazilian miner CVRD said on Wednesday that it has obtained permission from the environmental protection department, to begin in the southeastern Brazilian state of Espírito Santo, the construction of a cost of 62 billion steel plant.


Yuchai Marketing Services Conference 2011, held in Xiamen Road

    January 19, 2011, Yuchai Machinery General Assembly in 2011, marketing services have "Island" was held in Xiamen, known as the General Assembly to "professional, create, beyond - the new height, a new starting point" as the theme, recalling the jade Chai, "during" in the pace of development, productiodrawer runner n scale, technology leadership, product innovation and other fields to create the "Yuchai miracle" Yuchai proposed "second five" strategic planning, as well as the general idea in 2011, business policy and marketing goals, and the deployment of marketing in 2011 Yuchai services, to create superior power.


Because of cheap Brazilian imports of aluminum are increasing sharply as a net importer of aluminum

    Brazilian Aluminum Association (ABAL) President AdjarmaAzevedo said that Brazil is undergoing a decline in aluminum production, as manufacturers from China and other countries can not import low-cost competition, and Brazil may soon become a net importer of aluminum.


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