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Bathroom benefits of new road from manufacturing to create

    Benefits of continuous innovation story bathroom, reflecting the innovation, technology and commercial success the complex triangular relationship. As the banner was the brand of sanitary ceramics, when the power from the brand innovation bottlenecks, the benefits of all enterprises are facing a common final exam: how to both bigger and stronger.


Carlyle intends to acquire Japanese bearings manufacturer Tsubaki

    Beijing March 2 evening news, private equity giant Carlyle Group (CarlyleGroup) announced that it has agreed to acquire the Japanese bearing manufacturer Chun Group (TsubakiNakashimaCo).

    Specific price of the transaction were not disclosed, but according to "The Wall Street Journal" reported that the value of the acquisition of 66 billion yen (about 804 million U.S. dollars), including the assumption of piling the debt.


Cabinet market more tricky, "discount" to the power flicker killer

   Ordinary cabinet panels, floor, table, etc., if as a "foreign imports", "patent", then the price suddenly doubling itself. The kitchen is the most important home improvement. Especially those custom-made the whole cabinet, a set of very common on the yuan, and in some high-end cabinet shop in the import, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, hundreds of million of the whole cabinet is nothing new.


Wire and cable industry to develop "second five" development goals


    China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association in wire and cable branch (hereinafter referred to as "cable branch") did a "second five-wire and cable industry development plan" (draft), the list of five of the cable industry development objectives of twelve .


Pattern of four major factors driving the hardware industry, building materials enhance the popular

   2011, the state in order to promote steady economic development, restructuring the central bank to raise interest rates, the purchase of so many other industrial policies. These industrial policies issued, is bound to have a fundamental impact on the hardware industry. State policies can change the past, look to the blind pursuit of high value-added business,drawer runner the pursuit of quality-oriented development strategy, encourage enterprises according to their own development, respect for the market demand, and take the difference of development.


Search for bathroom hardware "profiteering" in the spring industry

    Indeed, with the prices of raw materials and consumer market continues to expand, the hardware industry is also growing competition in the market, the profits of the hardware industry Gone are the days of violence.

    Profits began to decline.


Kitchen electrical energy efficiency label affixed to the countdown or appliance prices push higher primary

    It is reported that the energy efficiency of electric fans and rice cookers were divided into three levels, and 5, in which one can express the most energy-efficient, while the three energy efficiency and energy efficiency of 5 threshold, compared with their market, which means that less than The threshold of five electric fans, drawer runner rice cookers will be eliminated after 1 year.


Domestic electric tools industry to accelerate out "expansion" the pace of

    In recent years, China's power tools industry rapid development in the international market, while foreign exchange earnings of export products is very low. Our products exported most of the power tool is the "OEM", "neutral packaging", is basically a sample processing, not their own brand.

2011, the situation of China's fastener industry exports

    In recent years, China's rapid export growth fasteners, and gradually become the world's major exporter of fastener products. According to statistics, during the first half of 2006, the country's total exports reached 1.0999 million tons of fasteners, compared to 2005 increased 30.82% over the same period, sales amounted to $ 1,229,000,000, an increase of 23.07%.


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