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Consumption grew by nearly half and half bathroom hardware market prices are not only re-

    Beginning from 2010 to 2011, the premises of the rapid growth of the shortcut properties, is bound to mobilize the daily growth of metal sanitary ware industry, hardware sanitary situations in the new emergence of new trends, hardware bathroom home of the product will appear trend, more satiation home hardware needs. Daily hardware sanitary ware program more and more of the new animal products, energy saving environmentally friendly new day with new bathroom hardware features.


Business management hardware failure causes a five-point

    Many hardware business failure in the final analysis is the failure of quality control, resulting in hardware failure of quality management boils down to the following several reasons.

    First, the lack of vision


Custom Shower convenient and practical details of important favored

    The small size of the home in the bathroom, install a small separate shower room, not only retaining, but also warm and decorative role play, so that bathroom space at home to become more stylish and user-friendly.

    "Can no bathtub in the bathroom, but not without a shower." Reporter who interviewed many families and home decoration designers, find common shower room and shower room its most popular, almost every household has installed and the computer Shower Although the versatile room, but expensive, with only a few villas family,drawer slides less choice of ordinary families.


Steel trade industry is facing financial pressure test should not be underestimated

    Consolidation of steel prices continue high, rising labor costs and monetary tightening to bring financial pressure, the steel trading industry is increasing the uncertainty of future trends. Insiders pointed out that despite the protection of housing construction brought about by the huge potential demand, but the steel trade enterprise in the current environment is still needed as soon as possible to speed up cash flow, improve cost management and innovative marketing channels and other aspects of transformation.


Index of Chengdu, China and approved by the Electrical and Mechanical Hardware

    May 23, the reporter learned from the Jinniu Business Bureau, "China's Chengdu Hardware & Electrical Index" formally adopted and approved by the National Federation Ministry of Economic Affairs, the index will be the National Federation of Hardware & Electrical Association, Jinniu Government and Chengdu Wanguanjituan (Industry ) Ltd prepare, publish and run, which is following the traditional Chinese medicine in Chengdu, drawer slides China price index, settled in the city's second national price index. The index will fill in the establishment of standards for hardware and electromechanical industry data gaps in the system, and a national hardware and electromechanical industry, "barometer" for the electrical and mechanical hardware market and industry dynamics to provide guidance and reference.


Custom bathroom hardware industry, environmental carbon awakening environmental awareness

   Just weather the world has dissolved the Copenhagen summit, of course, the ultimate nature of the agreement not see completed, but also awakened the people of the existence of the earth luck dependents, energy conservation has become the place alive in front of a huge national industry issues. Which is in the fast growth in the degree of home building materials enterprises in China, nor the burden of social obligations to forget itself.


"Power shortage" does not help, or is conducive to higher steel prices of iron ore negotiations


    China and more recently a "power shortage" phenomenon, in the second quarter is the power of the off-season, they have appeared all over the million-kilowatt electricity gap. Range spread from the east coast to the Midwest, where a power shortage in the southeast coastal areas hardest hit. Meanwhile, there are several provinces with varying degrees of power shortages.


Jumped nearly 30 times the rare earth materials for SMEs face a reshuffle tide

    Rare earth raw material prices have been from 2009 the "cabbage price" to sell in 2011 became the "gold." Pr-Nd Oxide 99% to the price, for example, far as I know, as of May 18, 2011 99% neodymium oxide, praseodymium prices reached 635000-637000 yuan / ton, and May 18, 2010 99 neodymium oxide, praseodymium % price 163000-165000 yuan / ton in one year up to 286.06 percent of the price increases.


Yongkang after the recreational vehicle industry, water is robbing business practice "Strength "

     December 28, 2005, five ministries and commissions jointly issued the "Order on regulating exports of motorcycles, "which limits the above-highway 50CC motorcycle with two rounds of export. July 1, 2006, the EU Directive such as the implementation of ROHS, electronic toys and other exports is limited. August 2008, the United States issued the "Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, " all-terrain vehicles to the U.S.drawer slides market will be fully blocked. The global financial crisis, which exports accounted for 95% of the recreational vehicle industry experienced cold.


China Bearing Expo City project smoke shop opened a new chapter in industrial development

     For the full implementation of the municipal government conference tackling key projects to promote the rapid development of industrial bearings, Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, government and relevant departments of Party committees smoke Dian, seize the opportunity to implement the plan, positive as, to advance.


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