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Xinsheng Hardware main product drawer slides, drawer runner.

Yongkang do cutting-edge R & D Center into the campus boost Hardware Industry

   Jin Hua Yongkang open to car along State Road 330 to open, you will see a school established by the roadside card: Zhejiang Yongkang vocational and technical schools. Facade does not look big in this school, one graduate per year quarter, the company CEOs will be driving a BMW to school "rush" of people.


Plastic door and window hardware accessories causes of damage and control measures

   Plastic door and window hardware accessories for the general performance of corruption: Hardware is not firmly fixed, fall off, pulleys, hinges and other damage to the sliding support, open and close is not flexible.

    Causes of damage caused by hardware:


Japanese mold corporate purchasing two important strategic analysis

   Production base for Japanese companies overseas (mainly Asia) How should purchase the mold? This is in particular a new topic is old. Especially in the gradual expansion of market scale of China, this is even more daunting.

    Mold factory in China with the user for various reasons, have to increase local procurement rate, so I hope that manufacturers can mold into the local. However, mold makers are mostly small businesses, funding, drawer slides staff are unable to meet demand, but also with the equipment industry mold-related side, even if China's labor costs lower than in Japan, the mold can not keep up with mold manufacturers to benefit users (vendors and parts manufacturers). There are many other reasons for mold makers, product manufacturers and component conditions than companies more negative.


Mold industry orders fell five issues facing the Japanese mold

     WANA instability has a negative impact on China's manufacturing industry, according to China Mould Association said recently that entered since April, some enterprises reflect the order was canceled.

     According to statistics, the 109th Canton Fair Russia, India, Brazil is relatively stable, Japan, North Africa, Middle East and China have an impact on the number of buyers, overseas buyers to be expected than in previous years will be reduced by 3% -5%.


Crazy buy new hardware tools industry marketing channels

    When prices rise, when the rapid growth in demand for buy, 2011 was a lot of people dubbed the "buy first year," as a new e-commerce model, "buy" nowadays can be described as absorbing enough people's attention, eating out, watching movies, doing the decoration, or even buy a car, buy a house, etc., each wave of activity led to buy a large number of fans. Following this, hardware tools industry buy fast, buy promotional tool for companies seems to be rapid increases in hardware sales, improve profits and enhance the brand's most effective channel, it is not just one face to face sales, but also network buy, seconds buy and kill behavior, its publicity costs less than traditional advertising, interactive. Hardware tools companies are to grasp the business opportunities buy, buy into a hardware tools industry undercurrent channels,drawer slides hardware buy now buy from a holiday to normal development. Therefore, the hardware is no longer a routine tool buy temporary holiday work, hardware tools has become daily business sales channels.


Catalog for specific chemical class with the key components to encourage

    National Development and Reform Commission has recently revised and issued the "Guiding Catalogue of Industrial Structure Adjustment (2011 version)." Catalog content than before the new directory to make many adjustments.


Wooden corporate product quality and price competition is the key no way out

   In recent years, doors of businesses from the developed coastal areas to the hinterland of the Central Plains, has developed rapidly. Strong corporate race to expand the scale of additional equipment, some furniture, flooring companies have converted, the new enterprises are born. Output, increasing production capacity, provide the community with high quality wooden products. The doors of this ancient and new industries develop rapidly. Doors of quality, technology, technology continues to improve, consumer understanding of the concept and the doors of more in-depth understanding of brand products in the market shown great promise.


LED lighting into the new darling of export quality and standards is key to competition

   Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Fuzhou area mainly for street lighting products, spotlights, garden lights, outdoor lamps, LED lamps to become the new darling of exports, more than 30 companies involved in export, mainly exported to the U.S., the EU and the Middle East, over ninety percent of export products New this year to open inspection of lighting products. Lighting business are many and complex, the recent strong international consumer market, individual lighting manufacturers follow the trend of the phenomenon emerged, they do not know enough of the inspection and quarantine policies, shipping is more casual and inspection,drawer slides inspection and quarantine departments have not timely communication, and failed to timely Inspection on delivery issues.


Manufacturing or face a big fan shuffle "asset light" model variant

   In recent years much touted "asset light" mode, the fan manufacturing industry could become China's "Achilles heel"

    "The wind power industry to a major event." Anonymity of the industry told reporters.


China's auto gear-depth analysis of industry trends

   The main gear is the automotive industry based transmission components, usually 18 per vehicle to 30 teeth, gear directly affect the quality of the car noise, smoothness and service life. Gear cutting machine is a complex machine system is the key equipment of the automotive industry, the automotive world powers like the United States, drawer slides Germany and Japan are also gear machine tools manufacturing power. China gear industry in the next 10 years will become a global manufacturing power gear. International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association official Luobai Hui said that China's more than 80% car gear teeth by the domestic system to complete processing equipment. Meanwhile, the automobile industry consumes more than 60% of the gear machine tools, automotive machine tools will remain the main consumer. 2006 to 2010, China gear manufacturers will be information intensive management to lean manufacturing, the annual output value will reach 100 billion yuan, becoming the world's third gear and even export the second largest country, 2011 to 2015, with the gear mature market, China will become the world's more powerful gear.


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