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Japan's imports from China Rare Earth said it would decline to find new sources

    According to the Reuters report on July 28, 28, Japanese Finance Ministry data showed Japan's imports from China in June, decreased the amount of rare earth 13%, is second consecutive monthly decline, the highest since February of this year's historical low.drawer runner The Japanese side said it is rare to other suppliers to reduce dependence on Chinese rare earth.


Hardware sales tool procurement steadily optimistic about the situation

    Compact packaging, complete type, range of features and reasonable price, is a good helper homes and businesses, but also the gift of a good gift. In particular, some foreign tourists, a combination of practical tools is a soft spot for the family, buy a set for personal use or gift, the economic advantages as people gradually increase the level of consumption, practical combination of tools started to enter the family homes of ordinary people . Hardware tools wholesale, shell blow boxes, drawer slides in with 12, 10 or 8 of the manual combination tool sales is quite prosperous.


Olympic countdown year mechanical and electrical hardware can seize the London Olympic dream?

   July 27 is the first anniversary of the London Olympic countdown, Li Ning, carrying its sign sports stars Powell, Yelena Isinbayeva and Zhang Yining, the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland, the Olympic Museum to make a donation, and with the International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge Start with the Olympic countdown. Li Ning Rogge also presented him to the Beijing Olympic torch lit when wearing shoes.


Hardware market competition "to" promising "quality technology"

drawer slides

   2011 Hardware bathroom decoration industry trends? Industry professionals have mixed views over the region. With the rapid rise of Chinese economic power, metal industry also began to grow up. Bathroom hardware industry for the future development of the international market for China's hardware industry will gradually develop product requirements change, the quality of Chinese products, packaging, delivery period will have higher requirements, even gradually extended to the production process and product R & D, product and environmental protection, energy resources, combine the human environment. The branded channels more competitive, the domestic hardware industry over-supply cabinet bathroom products, quality, pressure, sales channels to become one of the key competitive factors, the parties to the channel is becoming increasingly fierce.


Hardware Building Materials line procurement summit attracts guests

    At 9:30 on July 20, 2011, the HC held Daxing Line summit grand opening under the procurement, the summit day, the scene,drawer slides dozens of well-known Shi Li buyers gathered in Beijing, the activities related to procurement over a hundred kinds of products, drawer runner purchase the amount of several hundred million dollars, participants can face a big buyer of suppliers, negotiate with buyers to close! The atmosphere lively, crowded. Hardware Building Materials line procurement summit popular, attracting many guests.


Xun Anke Hardware: high-quality products by customers like

   July 8, 2011, the 13th China International Building Decoration Materials Exhibition (Construction Fair) in Guangzhou Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center opened, the current Guangzhou Fair exhibition area of ??over 300,000 square meters, more than 2,300 exhibitors from the United States, Germany, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan more than 10 countries and regions and 20 provinces (municipalities / autonomous regions) of the exhibitors, adrawer slides ttract more than 120,000 visitors will visit . HC as the show media partner of this exhibition for the entire report. I had the honor to interview Motion Anke (Nantong) Co., Ltd. Metal Parts Regional Manager Mr. Zeng Shizhou.

Steel scrap prices are also the international market turmoil continued to rise

  With the purchase of Turkey back into the market, European and American scrap prices started to rise since the late mid-May, or about 20-30 U.S. dollars / ton. Driven by Japanese scrap market, beginning in June stabilized stabilized. Despite the current weak demand for finished material procurement Turkish steel mills have slowed, but scrap prices remained stable at a high level. In view of the European steel scrap in the summer break to add inventory and purchasing in Turkey before Ramadan, expected short-term international scrap market may remain stable or rise slightly.


Japan earthquake China's auto parts production cut

  Japan's earthquake in China's automotive industry to achieve maximum effect in May, which the Japanese car firms supporting parts business is able to escape the robbery, had to cut or stop production.

    "We of Labour put a rare holiday in recent years, as long as 16 days", yesterday, for the support of Guangzhou Honda Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Jiangnan Hai Honda employees Little Deng told the author that in previous years, "May" because capacity constraints, only a few days off, drawer slides but this year the Japanese earthquake, not on the supply of raw materials, used inventory, the company had passed "holiday" in the form of regulating production.


Play new era are more creative hardware "stage"

   By consumer demand for the continuous improvement of the hardware fittings, put forward more demand and higher requirements. Household hardware according to set classification, can be divided into ordinary and special two kinds big.


More than 300 fasteners enterprise will carry new CIHS gathering

  21, the world's second DaWuJin exhibition-' 11 China international exhibition (CIHS 'hardware 11) will be in Shanghai new international expo center opened unfolds. Recently, the organizing committee CIHS '11 to spread the news: more than 300 home fasteners enterprise registration participation, CIHS success beyond domestic fasteners professional exhibition and including guangzhou fair, comprehensive exhibition, as the other fastener first purchase platform.


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