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Xinsheng Hardware main product drawer slides, drawer runner.

The company moved to enterprise microblogging fashion Hardware & Electrical

  Recently, one by the Machinery Industry Press "microblogging marketing - the company moved to the micro-blog" hot-selling, which is one from a business point of view to study the network microblogging marketing books. This book initially for microblogging marketing function and marketing steps described in detail and research, but also with the case for a comprehensive system to explore different industries, different sizes is to use microblogging tools for marketing.


Challenges facing the whole cabinet, while still optimistic about the prospects

   Out of state for real estate has a policy of particular concern to the people, "the purchase order." At present, all of the specific implementation details are being introduced, the real estate industry is facing a new round of stringent regulation.


Part of the traditional season of sanitary ware market

Part of the traditional season of sanitary ware market "spectators"
   Recently, I visited Beijing's largest home improvement retail market - Shilihe actually home, want to learn in the traditional sales season approaching, how prepared the market.


Ceramic industry would first focus on five major trends in 2011

  In crude oil, coal, mineral-based raw materials and chemical-based raw materials rose sharply in the larger environment, our building ceramics, sanitary ware industry through a difficult 2010. According to the National Bureau of Statistics data show that the ceramic industry in 2010 industrial output value totaled 166.052 billion yuan, up 33.77%, the growth rate in 2009 increased by more than 16.17 percent. 2011, the prospect of China's ceramic industry and development trends? Small series set out the development of ceramic industry in 2011, five major trends.


Ceramic bathroom or a large store operators need to face rampant

   When consumers go shopping, usually like to go to larger stores, for consumers, large stores tend to have more products, more room for selection, attitude and after-sales service is also more satisfying. But because of this, the various brands of ceramic sanitary ware is now opening more than a large store, and regardless of how profitable such a large store and high-standard of decoration will undoubtedly make more and more difficult for ceramic sanitary ware companies to turn back to go ahead .


Western furniture full start "Day 7 days happy spike Plan"

   Mid-Autumn Festival "Amoy" Debu fun? Day "spike special" waiting for you to

     Mid-Autumn Festival holiday has just passed, the western city of home sales across all of the ones who enjoy "storm" will make you very productive.drawer slides Also failed to grab a dollar for the brand of tile and the "heart"? Or is not able to get ultra-low-cost brand of sanitary ware and "wringing"? Does not matter, starting from October 1, a new home in western round of the "Day 7 days music, western 7 re-gift" activities in turn hit.


Market Watch: For the hardware industry, a comprehensive campaign of the domestic market

   Crown Group Hardware Tools Co., Ltd. Shanghai pulse chain was established in 2003. According to my understanding, Crown Group plans today in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Chongqing, Jinhua five tool chain's flagship store set up, open up the domestic market.


2011 Ceramic public areas coexist survival analysis Opportunities and Challenges

   Rise thanks to the ceramic-producing areas of the Foshan ceramics industry to implement large-scale transfer. At present, the ceramic-producing areas showed "low, small, scattered," the situation in which industry-level low, small-scale enterprises, casual space layout. The areas can no longer rely on low land costs, environmental threshold is low, low paid labor force, low corporate taxes, lower raw material costs as advantages.


Furniture industry sales season approaching, or fuse into a price increase

   Home building materials market, including furniture, cabinets, ceramics, flooring, doors and other fields, I visited the city a new home flowers Plaza, Central Plains Luan home building materials market and the glory of international big market and found that both the field of goods which are a variety of brands, people could not bear. I focus on watching a little furniture store, furniture Pioneer, Ao Mani, Kimberly, Po Lancashire and many other brands, these names look very "Western style" brand furniture, mostly produced in China, Sichuan Chengdu, Foshan, Guangdong,drawer runner Shenzhen and other places, prices ranging from 1000-10000 yuan.


Help promoted to executive director of the new developments in hardware industry

   August 4, 2011, Shandong Provincial Federation of Industry Hardware & Machinery Association executive director will be in ten-second "oil city" Dongying City, held a successful Blue Ocean International Hotel! Hardware Linyi city for the first time food security and access to provincial industrial and commercial participants associated hardware trade associations adopted unanimously as the organization's executive director of the unit! Provincial Federation of Hardware Electrical Association Vice President Cao Yuan, president of Wuxian Liang, General Fanyun Chang,drawer slides executive vice president Zhang Xuezhong, vice president Chu Yan Yun, Xu respect, Gongxiu Wen and other leaders and the Chamber of Commerce about 100 people attended the meeting.


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