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The purchase of the wind "blowing cold" bath business market could not hold

   This year's sanitary wave after wave of market-related policies, with the purchase of residential housing this year, the promulgation of the upward trend in house prices has been effectively curbed, hold out a lot of people take the attitude, with this round of sales of commercial cold, drawer slides supporting the sanitary industries into the "winter period."


Hardware tools playing a new model of monopoly supermarkets future?

   Hardware tool industry began last two years, the rise of a new form of channel model - supermarket chains. Such a model, the birth of the hardware tools industry, essentially because the competition is too intense, very serious homogenization, desperation, business began to change only from the channels, hoping to re-shuffle through the channels quickly drive sales increase business sales do not break up the embarrassing situation, but this form of future development, many companies do not do detailed scientific thesis, the strategy for future development, also need to do more detailed planning.


Improve the added value of the preferred hardware and building materials into the crack market crisis

 As we all know, hardware and building materials industry, the situation unsatisfactory, some smaller, financing capacity is not strong, with low-priced products to seize market companies bear the brunt. However, there are experts that "the more the market environment in such a bad node, the more new technologies, new materials, new modes of deliberation and the birth of the best period." This is some of the strength of the brand is concerned, it means that a greater opportunities?


Industry insiders say the supply pressure may inhibit the growth potential of consumption of aluminum

  Metal Bulletin news, aluminum Summit held in New York, many senior administrators agreed that the global aluminum market, there is a huge growth potential. Based on China and India's urbanization and industrialization process, light of the needs of the automotive industry and consumer electronics products present opportunities, consumption of aluminum is estimated to double over the next decade, it is not impossible. However, cost pressures, regulatory barriers to enter new areas or expanding existing areas in the amount of obstacles, these factors will play a limited role in new production, especially after the start of the long-term supply will have some uncertainty Although the application of aluminum in the field drawer slides of old and new has its advantages. Base metals analyst at Barclays NicholasSnowdon said aluminum base metal producers all face the most unacceptable cost pressures, the production cost of aluminum at an all high, the cost curve at the end.


Doors and Windows market strange phenomenon: sales slump unit price is rising

Recently, are busy decorated miss Lin suddenly found, wooden door in almost slipped soaring prices, with brand wood door two months before seeing the price is higher than the expensive after yuan. And at the same time, a wooden door is to complain, the agency recently in prices for all worried. It rose high prices, consumers feel; Not the rose, manufacturer is a real sale. By internal research and discuss later decided to, in order to guarantee basic profits and sustainable development, the agent of wooden door product prices by 20%, compared with the past, real wood products increased by 10% the price.


Water can cause cancer by exposure to bring a new market water purifiers

The state quality inspection administration recently reported to bottle of drinking water quality with selective examination results, with 6 kinds of drinking water be detected contains high concentrations of carcinogens in the salt water, "" cancer, what are we to drink frequent events what just safe? According to experts, the future water purifiers will have new markets.


2011 our country wei yu the market price "to ups and downs"

This year, thanks to the rising prices of raw materials and other reasons, gave rise to the bathroom industry product price rise in the general, and at the same time, all over the country the wei yu product reignited the price war.

According to the bathroom industry price war, a ceramic experts have said: "if the lack of regulation, allow the enterprise to launch price war, finally the victims can only be the general consumers." The reason is that a line of wei yu the enterprise price, will squeeze other enterprise existence space that defend bath, because some other small and medium enterprise too weak and appear "speak" short weight, drawer runner in passive. The experts for consumers, but he did hold the logic is very novel. According to his ideas, because your price, for in market occupies advantageous position enterprise may easily squeezed competitors, the sellers shall competition, difficulty in forming the consumers lose the choice leeway. Finally, the consumer and will eat the big board people kill deficit, so the price to get the regulation.


Whole wei yu potential is good, but not familiar to occupy the market opportunity


The appearance of the whole wei yu accelerated the product that defend bath to integrate and wei yu the further development of the industry, but also for consumers save decoration time and energy. The emergence of the means that consumers don't need to for the toilet, basin, mirror, bath crock, running around, drawer slides as long as the value design scheme and the price, can easily have to own a piece of whole wei yu.


Hardware Fair bloom early to know the brand of rubber Constant light

 Autumn September, harvest year of busy here. The 20th China International Hardware Fair will be staged this fall in a gorgeous performance show, major companies will be here to show the world their style. Hardware Fair red carpet, "the stars shine," Qingdao Rubber Co., Ltd. as one of the constant force, drawer runner a "star" will shine its glory here.


Kim nine silver ten quarters: Using hardware industry market "herd mentality"

   During the festival, is the most concentrated metal business promotion activities, when at this time resorted to various hardware companies had diarrhea all the stops to attract customers to come. At this point, standing on the forefront of the battle for consumer hardware guide members capabilities merits, will be eleven crucial promotion battle in a ring. Crash course, unhappy also light. Purchasing Guide below teach you some sales tips, hoping to bring help.


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