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Xinsheng Hardware main product drawer slides, drawer runner.

Northeast Mold Industry Association, or up to tens of billions of value

    Recently, four cities in Northeast China Mould Industry Association, regional cooperation and seek common development, and experience sharing session was held in a long, regional cooperation to revitalize northeast industrial economy into a theme of the meeting.


Environment for the future development of Taiwan's brief Fasteners

   With the development of global trade liberalization, trade goods and services between countries that exist tariff and non-tariff barriers will be gradually reduced. In addition, the role of the World Trade Organization WTO framework, countries or regions are actively signing of regional cooperation agreements, such as 2010, China - ASEAN Free Trade Area, and the US-ROK FTA Korea FTA and the continuous effect in Europe, and India EU FTA agreement also under negotiation. U.S., EU and China are the main export markets of Taiwan, and ASEAN, China,drawer slides Korea and India and other competitors in the market is the Taiwan market, the future, as the gradual reduction of high tariffs, Taiwan exports to the United States, Europe and the competitiveness of will likely decrease.


Chinese hardware market space of pumps and generators

   Technology Hardware City of China pump industry after years of development and overall business has been relocated to the Downtown market, sales showed steady growth, has gradually formed a certain scale, the sales network is also expanding.


Steel prices fell the pressure behind the surge in metal and other manufacturing industries

    Purchasing volume index in nearly 5 years of negative growth for the first time, finished goods inventories index rose sharply to 50%

    Feng Tianxiang company in the yard, open yard stood neat rows of steel; in his desk, placed the customer has just sent three faxes, there are three clients clearly informed Feng Tianxiang, May will no longer be ordered plate.


Order to increase companies do not like knives, scissors Yangjiang hardware anti-worry

   Yangjiang, Guangdong Business Association Executive Vice President and Secretary General Mr. Ye Guizhuan April 21 interview with this reporter said that spring from the 109th Canton Fair a situation, most of the foreign trade enterprises of the orders are compared with last year higher, this does not mean that this year's foreign trade situation optimistic.


Xing Long Wheel: aluminum wheel patented low-pressure die casting

    Xing Long Wheel by Qinhuangdao Co., Ltd. independently developed low-pressure cast aluminum wheel sets of device assembly mold gate structure has been approved to obtain a utility model patent certificate.

    It is understood that, in order to strengthen the company's research and development and innovation capacity, promote scientific and technological achievements, Xing Long Wheel Co., Ltd. encourages all employees to participate, on the safety, technology, labor intensity and other aspects of site improvement, and introduction of incentives for technological innovation incentives for scientific and technological achievements, drawer slides the establishment of a few thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars in prize money on, and aroused the enthusiasm of staff innovation. 2010 Xing Long Wheel 1225 were implemented to improve the site, made three utility model patents, 1-4 months of this year to improve the implementation of more than 500, some items are declared national patent.


Japan introduced bearing with rotating sensor

    Japan's NTN (NTN) has developed a resin with a magnetic rotation sensor bearing "with rotating sensor bearing.drawer slides " By the sensor and bearing design for one, can reduce the size of various equipment. According to the company, this bearing for printers and other office equipment and measurement instruments. Has started to accept orders and samples available.


Zhejiang was the worst electricity shortage 7 years buying frenzy triggered electrical and mechanical

    Recently, the State Power Grid Dispatch Center, deputy director of Zhejiang, the company confirmed to the media Dai Yan, Zhejiang has occurred since 2004 the most serious power shortage, power shortage across the province at about 200 million kilowatts to 300 kilowatts.


Ningbo auto parts enterprises to usher in development opportunities from the earthquake

    According to incomplete statistics, China's auto parts industry in Ningbo is one of the most developed, more than 3000 manufacturing enterprises, the annual output value of more than 30 billion yuan.

    However, Ningbo auto parts industry, there are obvious shortcomings: it is mostly plastic products and metal parts,drawer slides high-tech, high value-added product development key to lack of capacity, such as power systems, anti-lock braking system , intelligent control systems, automotive audio-visual information systems have yet to be mechatronic product development and accelerate development.


Shandong Iron and Steel shareholders swept away most of the profits facing a severe test

    Consolidated financial statements of up to 2.589 billion yuan net profit, but the net profit attributable to equity holders of only 463 million yuan, and the remaining 2.126 billion yuan were attributable to the minority shareholders. This is the Shandong Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Mountain of Steel") 2010 annual audit report to hand over the answer sheet.


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