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Strong growth in copper consumption in China accounts for 40% of the global total

    China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, the Ministry of copper Shao-fu said recently the Director of Section 2011 of the actual domestic demand for copper will remain above 6% growth rate, real consumption will exceed 700 million tons, to reach 7.63 million tons or so.


Urged to strengthen technological innovation and upgrading of industrial restructuring

    Recently, the National Industrial and Information Systems Technology Work Forum held in Jinan, Shandong.

    Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Division, the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and municipalities and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, deputy provincial capital city of Industry and Information Technology departments, units affiliated to the Ministry and other relevant units responsible for more than 200 comrades attended the meeting. Open edition "of the industrial and information systems technology seminar series Working Report", published in two important speeches on the forum,drawer slides the readers.


When will China brand development hardware to do the wedding dress from?

    Hardware industry has always been called 'hardware', not only because of hardware products in general is relatively small, but also because the size of the hardware business has been relatively small, mostly small private enterprises, registered capital is generally only a million or so.


Metal School: the proportion of multi-valve Manual Introduction

    The proportion of multi-channel valve manually MHV-32 manual proportioning valve, maximum flow 800L/min maximum pressure 430bar, for construction machinery, mining, metallurgy, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical and other industries, is sensitive with the proportion of the load pressure compensation for the multi- valve, the maximum working pressure of 420bar, the largest single flow of 380l/min.


Sheffield Museum of quality of life shop opened in North Jianguo Road, Hangzhou

    March 27, 2011 morning, the Sheffield shop No. 1 quality of life opened Museum, Hangzhou star Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Chou Jianping, vice president of Chi Heng Xiao, Ms. attended the opening ceremony, the scene of VIP customers and also Sheffield Sheffield products of interest for new and old friends.


Touted low-carbon renewable wood windows and doors will be popular

    In the present "low carbon" in vogue at the same time, our doors and windows industry has also ushered in new opportunities and challenges of the era.

    Source of wood products, according to party bosses said the timber doors for the use of renewable raw materials, environmental protection has become a typical representative of low-carbon, more doors of many companies to implement the concept of low-carbon green procurement, processing, pavement and other links , reduce waste,drawer slides improve efficiency, thus reducing production costs.


Analysis of Chinese enterprises to undertake zero at some pieces of industrial transfer rate

    The yen has appreciated against the dollar last year, more than 10%, which although Japanese cars from Japan to export profits fall, gave China a chance to undertake the industrial transfer. Some will not consider before the production of cars outside the home may be imported production capacity investment in China will also increase.


Security cable wire manufacturer to be intense competition to seek a breakthrough

    With the rapid growth in recent years the security industry into the security cable market, the large number of vendors, including security cable manufacturers mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta region.


Cable companies to expand their market to the domestic industrial upgrading as soon as possible

    April 21, Ministry of Commerce announced, the decision in the United States and the European Union on the origin of non-dispersion shifted single-mode fiber (G.652 fiber) 4.7% ~ 29.1% levy fiber anti-dumping duties ranging from the implementation period of five years.


Iron ore investment or the end of 2013 to 2014 in the benefits produced

   According to reports, the data provided in the Steel Association show that iron ore prices continued to rise since the first quarter, the average cost of production of iron and steel industry increased by 27.5% year on year. China Steel Association statistics included 77 medium-sized enterprises, and product sales profit margin is only 2.91%, higher than the national industrial sector 6.2% lower average sales profit rate 3.29 percentage points.


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