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Cummins Turbo Technologies located in Wuxi New Project

    Recently, key enterprises in Wuxi New District, Wuxi equipment industry Cummins Turbo Technologies Ltd has written a new chapter in the development of base - turbocharger settled in District formally signed the new project.

    Wuxi Mayor Mao Xiaoping, Municipal Committee, District party committee secretary Xu Gang, Secretary-General Wu Fengfeng City,drawer slides New Leadership Ji Kejian, Hong Yan Wei, Pu Zhengyong, and New investment of three were present at the signing ceremony and met with Cummins Turbo Jim, global president of charging technology. Plains line.


China's hardware industry is growing successful businesses have their own characteristics

    Passage of time, wears off, many die booming hardware business for decades and neglected for decades, is now also still active in the public view of the mold in the hardware business, with a customer's word of mouth, is writing the undefeated legend.


Chinese oil and gas pipeline project started in Western series

    April 12, hijo, WANG Hua, Wu A series of independent and independent oil and gas pipeline project started at the same time. Western Pipeline Company "building operation management and marketing of" integrated business model into the implementation phase.


Birth of a new pattern of e-iron steel trade positive

Steel industry in the modern industrial economy plays an important role, directly related to people's livelihood. Can be said without iron and steel, to basically lost half of industrialization.

    In recent years, China's steel industry development situation is grim, massive excess capacity, the industry has become a chronic problem. In addition, the entire steel industry, there are still information poor,drawer slides out of touch on the lower reaches, scattered resources and other problems. As e-commerce companies in all aspects and areas of the steel used more and more extensive and in-depth, the steel industry out of e-commerce will also depressed market environment, play a "vista" role.

FAW Chang net profit fell in the low-end market by the impact of large

    Last week, three vehicle car prices listed on Shanghai Auto, Chang'an Automobile, FAW Car has announced first quarter results were sharply higher last performance difference is that a quarter of substantial growth in net profit of Shanghai Automotive 56% the latter two show a downward trend in net profit is mainly due to a joint venture between Shanghai Automotive is the main high-end models, and FAW Car Company and Changan Automotive's leading product for the low-end model, subject to market a greater impact.


New army bases clustered pattern of the five component parts or raw variables

    With the rapid development of construction machinery industry, construction machinery parts industry is also supporting the development and growth, and more and more attention and support of national policy, "second five" critical components will become the country during the key development areas.


Supporting energy-saving windows and doors hardware industry to be difficult to coordinate the development of standards

    In real estate development projects, windows and doors has not been a major part of the project cost, construction projects in the total amount of about 2% to 5%, but energy-saving point of view, the building's energy loss in about 50% of the doors and windows, the ratio is quite large.


Restructuring of the Yangtze River Steel's steel enterprises will be unified planning and coordination

    Magang chairman Gu Jianguo April 28 to accept the "First Financial Daily" reporter had an exclusive interview revealed that after the reorganization of the Yangtze Steel, Maanshan Steel's steel enterprises will be unified planning and coordination, planning, based on the elimination of outdated New Yangtze steel rolling production lines, and promote environmental relocation Hefei Iron and Steel, but this relocation project has yet to be approved by the relevant parts of the State.


Industry experts is how to define the direction of door and window industry

    Windows and doors industry after years of development, more and more homogeneous product, the market follow the trend of the phenomenon is very serious. In order to explore the development direction of door and window industry, Xiao Bian recently visited a number of windows and doors business. Let us look at the windows and doors industry experts is how to define the direction of development of the industry?


Japanese patent fraud false selling LED million dollars

    The three Japanese companies no LED lights Chuanlong cooling technology, but the name of co-operation with the Hon Hai Group, under the cover of the patent to technology companies selling fake U.S. dollars 100 million fraud; collected evidence from the fraud investigation, according to his Master Xu with his partner prosecution.


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