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Alternative source output rising again beyond 2014, LED lamps

    Government subsidies, price reduction, environmental awareness and high electricity prices under the influence of many factors, and Japan to create a light-emitting diode (LED) light source to replace endless possibilities to create the Japanese market success of LED bulb; and the LED bulb is also gradually by the European and American consumers are expected to replace the lighting market in 2014 will exceed the size of LED lamps.


For Development and Reform Commission over key parts of stock limits the proportion of foreign capital does not exceed 50%

    For foreign investment in China auto parts companies, April 1 by the National Development and Reform Commission issued a "Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries (revised draft)" ("the draft"), so that they are on pins and needles.


Raw materials rose hardware industry had to "follow suit"

    Production of high energy-consuming industries and the rapid release of pressure to increase energy efficiency and other factors, countries have taken to eliminate backward production capacity, energy saving and emission reduction measures. drawer slides Eliminate a number of high energy consumption enterprises, so the prices of raw materials also had a big impact.


How China's hardware business in 2011, "Attack" the international market

    First, improve the technological content of products, reduce production costs.

    Focus on product mix, vigorously develop high-tech, high value-added metal products production and sales. Meanwhile,drawer slides efforts to absorb advanced technologies and the transformation under the premise of each link from the start, through the implementation of cost savings plans, ways and means of transformation of the energy structure, minimize waste, improve management reduce unit costs, increase hardware export competitiveness.


Farewell to the "price competition" sanitary operation of the brand into a trend

   Bathroom white heat of competition in the market situation has emerged, rising raw material costs and the impact of national macroeconomic policies have given the coatings industry has brought great confusion, the cost increase, the bathroom getting lower and lower industry profits, the following to Southampton bathroom as an example, drawer slides let's take a look at current building materials market development!


Shandong Steel Group Chairman Zou Zhongchen: a magnificent blueprint for the major responsibility

    Blue Shandong Peninsula Economic Zone development plan is the "second five" first year of the first approved national development strategies, have attracted worldwide attention, is of great significance.

    Economic pillar industries as iron and steel industry, how to respond if the development strategy? How the blue in the Shandong Peninsula Economic Area "an area three zones" to play a leading role in the planning? As a leader in the steel industry in Shandong, Shandong Iron and Steel Group Chairman Zou Zhongchen have this kind of views and understanding? With these questions, I interviewed Dazhong Zouzhong Chen,drawer slides chairman of Shandong Iron and Steel Group.


Strictly controlling the central frequency of price inflation, rising prices blocked bathroom

    Needless to say, 2011 prices as the industry around the bathroom did not open the main theme.

    In mid-February, Guxiang Chaoan Chaozhou Ceramic Society issued a "sanitary ceramics products, price increases on notice", as follows: As the energy and all kinds of raw material prices, wages, transportation costs rose sharply, resulting in production a substantial increase in the cost of enterprise products, drawer slides operating pressures. The Ceramic Society Guxiang Chaoan February 15 meeting of representatives, agreed, calling the production company since February 20, the product in the original selling price 15% price increase on the basis of unity, hope to actively implement the various manufacturers, strictly enforced.

Ushered in the third set of proposals at Steel Mountain twists and turns of steel re-

    Mountain Steel recombinant keep on fighting.

    April 13, nearly two months of suspension, Jinan Steel and Laiwu Steel resume trading. Meanwhile, both sides issued a drawer slides public notice announcing the third set of restructuring plan. Announcement shows that the proportion of the restructuring of the convertible is still 1:2.43, Laiwu Steel shares per share in exchange for 2.43 shares may be shares of Jinan Iron and Steel.


Mold industry prospects network marketing push

    China's mold industry information started in the 90s of last century, but because of the management system, traditional concepts such as the impact of information technology companies are often a mere formality, often only achieved in some areas of some of the functions of information systems, and even become the image of engineering ,drawer slides success stories, not much.


Of steel enterprises "going out" is essential to master the upper reaches of iron ore

    Medium-sized steel enterprises in 2010 profits of 89.7 billion yuan, the profit margin of 2.91%, far lower than the national industrial enterprise average of 6.2%. In which profits of the top 20 account for about 83% of corporate profits, while the majority of enterprises in the profit or loss.


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