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Machine tool industry to meet the small profit margins to use innovation in transition times

    The equipment manufacturing industry in this year's climate index started the "corporate research point of" work, Shenyang Machine Tool Works selected for the survey points.
    Director, Economic Daily Sankei Shimbun China Economic Net Cuishu Wen guest "After the online interview," drawer slides said part of the Shenyang Machine Tool plant research, he concluded that the time has come to the machine tool industry on small profit margins, innovation will be profitable machine tool industry The main mode.


Zhejiang Petrochemical Valve into the top ten large taxpayer valve industry

     Zhejiang Petrochemical Valve: Technology innovation brings a new top ten included in the valve industry in Wenzhou City taxpayer.

    Has always insisted on the development of science and technology innovation to accelerate enterprise - Zhejiang Petrochemical Valve Co., Ltd., recently there are new changes and development, technology innovation as the eternal theme of enterprise development, and continuously enhance new product development capabilities,drawer slides thereby enhancing the product technology content and added value, speeding up the upgrading of products, but also improve the product's core competitiveness, the release of a new energy company, has made encouraging progress! The way in innovation has taken a new step, the company ranked in 2010, the valve industry in Wenzhou, one of the top 10 taxpayer. The economic indicators and economic benefits among the forefront of the industry in Wenzhou City, the valve once again established the company in the valve industry in China's growth and development of the dominant position.


Observation of the new pneumatic valve Wing Lung successful development of an emergency shut-off valve

    For the current gas, ammonia pipeline technology, some drawbacks, Shanghai Valve Factory Yong Long pushed a comprehensive analysis and the development of pipeline valves - QDQ series pneumatic emergency shut-off valve. Comprehensive solution to the traditional products in the gas transportation deficiencies.


Yong Jia Hongling praise valve company received business

    Hong Ling Yongjia County, Valve Co., Ltd. is specialized in various types of pumps and valves and ancillary product sales, the company is seated in a "Rural valve" reputation Oubei.

    Strong technical force, advanced production technology, testing equipment, reliable quality, scientific management, wide variety. Production of the properties are in strict accordance with national standards. The two companies under the pump valves more than a dozen departments and Hong Ling valve processing plant production and sales department: gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, relief valve, needle valves, control valves,drawer slides diaphragm valves , butterfly valves, solenoid valves, piston valves, plug valves, forged steel valves, needle valves, instrument valves, liquid level, flow meter, exhaust valve, flame arrester, knife gate valve, slurry valve, copper valve, balance valve, stainless steel valves, lined rubber lined valves, Pinch Valve, the U.S. standard valve, power station valve, breather valve, hydraulic control valve, vacuum valve, discharge valve, pneumatic angle seat valves, insulation valve, filter, foot valve, balance valve, drain valve high, medium and low pressure valves. Nominal diameter 6mm-2000mm (1 / 4 "-80"), nominal pressure 0.1Mpa-60Mpa (150Lb-3500Lb),drawer runner working temperature -196 ℃ -1300 ℃. The main material used: WCB.WC6, WC9, 2GCr5Mo, 2G1 products are widely used in municipal engineering, petroleum, power plants, fertilizer, steel, pharmaceutical, chemical high-rise construction, textile and other fields. BR>


Professional services of crises into opportunities for SMEs to grow up happily

    In 2010, Foshan, Guangdong, proposed the "four modernizations integration, intelligence Foshan" development strategy, through information technology and industrialization, cities and towns, international integration, to further promote local economic development.


China's mold industry how to face the "grim reality"

    In recent years, mold companies to varying degrees by the impact of the global financial crisis.

    International Mould & Plastic Hardware Industry Suppliers Association official Luobai Hui said that China mold drawer slides companies to face the cold reality that, to face the current difficulties, calm analysis of the situation, develop strategies, structural adjustment, the contract for future business, production management, equipment investment, technological innovation, financing loans, quick to adjust and take active measures to adapt to the current situation and overcome difficulties.


Global top 50 manufacturers of construction machinery built industrial park in Wuhan

    Wuhan Chutian Shantui officially put into operation an industrial park. 19, Wuhan, met with Mayor Tang Liangzhi Chutian Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Chairman Ms Cheung to strengthen cooperation in the equipment manufacturing industry exchanges.


Post-steel prices to reverse the downward trend has been a slight increase in steel prices

   1-2 months by the rapid release of production capacity, high inventories of steel and other factors, steel prices come down significantly in March, but this trend is expected to be reversed. China Iron and Steel Industry Association,drawer slides released April 19 monthly analysis report, with the consumer holiday buying season, increasing inflationary pressures and increase international market demand, post-market steel prices will show a slight upward trend.


Electrical Hardware WANA affected enterprises export optimism

   Impact of political unrest in North Africa by the West, here at the 109th Canton Fair buyers from the West Asia North Africa was less than normal, Egypt or even negative growth.

    Reporter found that the more powerful big business due to market diversification, risk is not concentrated, a larger room for maneuver, for SMEs, in particular focusing on the Middle East or North Africa, West Asia market companies, a greater impact. But the respondents most bullish market in the region, optimistic wait for the market recovery.


Market analysis: China market and the development of the drainage valve

    China has entered WTO, the global annual demand for the valve about 300 million tons. To take full advantage of the valve industry is labor-intensive, poor working conditions, low wages per capita, the transfer of production from developed to developing countries and other advantages, and actively to the world economy platform. Summarized in several subjects to the status quo and development of the drainage valve. The current situation


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