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Xinsheng Hardware main product drawer slides, drawer runner.

Optional custom doors should pay attention to reducing your risk of 3 strokes Shoubashoujiao

    It is understood that doors are usually divided into pre-custom, production, sale of three processes, under the pre-set subject to the customer, the merchant will give design renderings, pricing and other links. Business under the effect of fabrication and installation diagram, the latter need the product after-sales service commitment to the doors.


Fasteners in India to look forward to the rapid development of the market

    Fastener industry in India is in stage of rapid development, the industrial chain has taken shape. Fastener manufacturing plant more than 70% concentrated in Ludhiana. Raw materials, molds and consumption goods, surface treatment,drawer slides heat treatment, fasteners and other related equipment can be found in many local manufacturers.


Increasingly slim profit margins, "green" is the direction and trend of wooden doors

    Door industry and today has gone through a very difficult course, the face of increasingly difficult environment for the survival dealers, and more and more "thin" profits, more and more enterprises into the market have extended to three or four markets , on the other hand, how should the county level doors distributors buy their products?

Billion of new energy vehicles set off metal industry market event

    Recently, led by the Ministry of Industry established the "energy saving and new energy automotive industry development plan" will soon be approved announced.

    "Planning", said China's new energy vehicles in 2020 sales to reach the scale of the world's first, new energy to the pure electric vehicle technology as the main route to develop energy efficient cars. Financial investment in the next 10 years, 100 billion yuan the government to build new energy vehicles in the industrial chain.


General observation: May close to straight up metal prices

   Following 3.15, the "May Day" will be approaching. Recently, I saw in the market, has introduced sanitary than Wrigley promotional billboards May sanitary ware brand has not yet been outside most of the May launch of promotional advertising, drawer slides promotional products, some are mostly the interests of consumers at 315 stranded promotions The.


2011 ceramic bathroom just left "gridlock" and stuck a "quagmire"

    Ceramic sanitary ware is closely related to the products of people's lives, but by 2011 a series of policy implications,drawer slides which is export-oriented enterprises is a bathroom big test. Especially the end of 2008, the industry has encountered unprecedented difficulties.


Linyi, Shandong, hardware manufacturing output will exceed 12 billion by 2012

    Recently, the author of Linyi City, Shandong Province, east Qujingmaoju Commission by letter and learned that next year, Linyi City, the development of hardware manufacturing industry total above-scale enterprises will reach 60 or more,drawer slides the output value over 120 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 30% or more , to build China metal machining base.


Strategic joint ventures included in the axis of the pillar industries of key projects in Luoyang

    October 11, 2010, LYC bearing and NTN successful joint venture contract signing ceremony held at China Central Television that night in the "Network News" section to be reported. For a time, many domestic media eager to forward this message, greatly enhance the visibility of LYC bearings at home and abroad and influence.


Bearing industry into high-end short-board "internal injuries" troubled development

   As China's emerging strategic industries (such as high-speed railway, large aircraft) and high-end equipment manufacturing (such as some high-speed precision machine tools) the development of high-end bearings imports growing rapidly. Currently all imports of high-speed rail bearings, part of the high-speed precision machine tool bearings need to be imported. In the long run, on the growth of China's emerging strategic industries will be adversely affected.


The purchase of the property market caused by such factors as lack of iron and steel market rebound

    National Development and Reform Commission said that in the context of curbing inflation, the national macro-control efforts to further increase the control measures of liquidity continues to heat up, with the purchase of the property market, etc., currently do not support the formation of a strong rebound in the steel market.


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