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Subaru spare parts shortages plant will stop production for three days the United States

    Japan's Fuji Heavy Industries, Subaru car company, today announced that the company is located in Indiana (Indiana) Subaru plant in April 2011 to cancel three days of production, discontinued due to supply of spare parts for drawer slides Japanese 3.11 Earthquake shortages.


How to make the climate of the three major hardware elements

    Hardware products of our country in the world, and some well known, like "Tiger" brand pliers, which are all known national brands.

    Although each of these products seem small, but not together to the world several hundred billion dollars a year in sales and stable, it should be very small piece of "cake." How do we strive to expand the hardware industry to make hardware sales arena in the world play a leading role, leading role, as far as a piece of "cake" in the share of larger, well a number of points, which is China's hardware industry need to work harder before the trip direction.


Super League appearances from celebrity endorsements to the stadium bathroom Marketing Reforms

    In the consumer's 'attention' as the scramble for resources, Xu Yao, many businesses have chosen the way of celebrity endorsements to attract the attention of consumers, in order to win the market.

    Is also the brand image of public relations spokesperson who, it is not only to the community and the public to promote their products and overall image, but also by its influence to use or build some social capital.drawer slides Chinese soccer in recent years so that people love and hate, after the crackdown, with Jin and Yuan Hengda offensive football, this year's Super League attracted many eyeballs. And that has become a new publicity ceramic sanitary manner.


Electrical and Mechanical Services Association: The consultation and cooperation to resolve Sino-US trade friction wheel

    I April 11 CCCME from China was informed that the face of U.S. exports to the U.S. steel industry of China's dual-wheel anti-survey applications, Chinese manufacturers will use legal weapons to a positive response, the representative of China Electrical and Mechanical Services Association of the wheel industry and hope U.S. industry for consultations and cooperation with industry,drawer slides the two sides try to resolve trade frictions.


Fastener testing laboratory in 2010 a new level

   Fasteners Institute of China Aerospace Standard Parts testing laboratory in early March 2009 the office moved to new locations - Xiaotun Road, Fengtai District, Building 89 aerospace standard hospital, after a year of adjustment and operation of the new year 2010 and level.


Integrated Enterprise by the east wind power have been offering kitchen kitchen sets, Department of Electrical

   Open kitchen more and more consumers, range hood, gas stove, as vital a large kitchen appliances, high-end trend is increasingly evident. Face gradient in the market, kitchen electric companies are the basis of their market positioning of product upgrading.


China, the world's top factory OEM brand network goods

    Taobao Mall, a development tool called flagship store display hardware almost all foreign production, there is a German production of a screwdriver, the Japanese production of electronic batch, the British production of torque wrenches, the Italian production of electronic pliers, the U.S. production of test Wenyi,drawer slides the Swiss knife production, the Israeli production of industrial scraper, ... ....


Analysis of Hefei City site mixing of concrete, 100% ban

    Bulk Cement Hefei Hefei People's Government Office is to promote bulk cement, ready-mixed concrete (ready-mixed mortar) administration work, under the Urban and Rural Construction Committee.

    Main tasks are: To implement national and provincial and municipal governments issued by the development of bulk cement,drawer slides ready-mixed concrete (ready-mixed mortar) of the regulations and policies, the preparation of the development of bulk cement in Hefei, ready-mixed concrete (ready-mixed mortar) and the annual development plan plan and organize the implementation; in accordance with the State, pay and use of bulk cement special fund management; coordinated development of bulk cement, ready-mixed concrete (ready-mixed mortar) work problems, to carry out bulk cement, drawer runner ready-mixed concrete (ready-mixed mortar) statistics, advocacy, information exchange, organizing research and development of new technologies, new processes, new equipment and is responsible for application; according to the facilities and the safe use of equipment, inspection, good service; for county administration of bulk cement business guidance and supervision, Check.


Creative metal into the gift market selling hardware and tools of choice

    In the past, the hardware product as a gift friends and family are extremely rare, and most companies only as gifts, and the mug, travel kettle and other products.

    But now, with the improvement of living standards and production technology, innovation, and a wide range of high-tech hardware products continue to flood the market, such as oil-Yan Guo, exquisitely packaged tools,drawer slides and daily use of hand tools, tin made tea and other products have been accepted by consumers, which are both functional and beautiful and stylish metal products, gift friends and family will become the first choice of consumers.


Shenzhen to upgrade the hardware industry is facing

    From the Shenzhen Municipal Association was informed that the hardware industry, has been quietly walks of life as "supporting role" in the hardware industry in recent years to achieve an annual industrial output value for the city in 1000 billion yuan last year, is to reach 1,500 billion yuan. Industry sources say that with the opening of short-term financing platform and increasing pressure of market competition,drawer slides Shenzhen upgrade the hardware industry will usher in a crucial period of transition.


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