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Xinsheng Hardware main product drawer slides, drawer runner.

Hardware brand innovation, "two-pronged approach" hegemony rivers and lakes

    "Made in China" and hardware products uncompetitive in the international market is the key to the lack of industry brands and innovation, and many hardware companies of the "old" situation of poor technological innovation for decades without innovation, without their own brand is the key factors. Throughout China's hardware market, intense competition giants to vicious competition as the main means to reduce prices to win customers with little brand concentration. In the international market, is competitive, competitive advantage is increasingly eroded.


On the China International Hardware hardware business and the gap between brand

   Bring metal products industry, people may be unfamiliar, but as soon as you walked into the kitchen, bathroom, they immediately entered the hardware of the world, large whole cabinet, shower room, small taps, knives, scissors, metal products in our an indispensable actor in daily life an important role.


Wenzhou investors flock to carry huge amounts of money non-ferrous metal industry

  Relative to the property and stock markets, antique paintings and other investments, non-ferrous metals is relatively unknown in Wenzhou investors investment channels, but also attracted many investors are trying to find the direction of Wenzhou investors. August 28, the first domestic non-ferrous metals non-ferrous metals trading platform for pan-Asian Stock Exchange to bring Ningxia TV, CBN and other media in the temperature at the "2011 Investment benchmark" investment report, investment in private capital in Wenzhou Sheng invite non-ferrous metals, together with drawer runner competition for international capital, international non-ferrous metals pricing.


Bearing distributors "snowball" strategy to win market

   The bearings industry is increasingly intense, there has been hundreds of companies fight the market situation, competition is really fierce. Bearing the brand from Sweden, SKF Bearing, Japan NSK Bearings, Germany FAG / INA bearings extend to the United States mgcill, SBC bearing South Korea, Japan KOYO, FHY, IKO, and a dozen international brand. In the distribution of imported bearings industry forward, a few need to find and develop the market approach.


Decision-making "myth" hardware companies to bring inspiration Jobs

   Steve Jobs' wave of the sleeves, "resigned from the position of Apple CEO, Apple's shares fell more than 5%, which is a test of Apple's Steve Jobs era, drawer runner Apple is also attracted a number after" fruit powder, "mad, this is a mystery.

Make an inventory of regional resources development advantages Sands Hardware Analysis

    Hardware Jinsha Town, Foshan City, is a pillar industry, the South China Sea area is one of the traditional pillar industries, the town industrial output value accounted for more than 80%. Currently, the town a total of more than 1,000 large and small hardware companies over the town for 70% of the total number of industrial enterprises, mainly in the northern South China hardware industry base.


Spring market: Hardware export of electromechanical products to obtain good

   Ministry of Commerce, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, the central bank and other 11 departments have jointly issued the "on" five "to promote the export of electromechanical products during the sustained and healthy development of opinions" (hereinafter referred to as "views").


Shandong four main metal industry cluster, "special cards"

   In recent years, rapid development of hardware industry in Shandong has become an important market for North Hardware development, the emergence of hardware tools such as Wendeng four well-known metal industry cluster, and rise to grace to the Group in Qingdao, Wen Deng Wei Li Tools Group Co., Ltd. Qingdao Elephant Tool Co., Ltd., Ingram Micro Tool Co., Ltd., Taiwan well-known hardware company, fierce momentum can not be stopped. The overall development of hardware industry in Shandong in the process, area businesses hold together with a hardware cluster, Shandong metal to form their own characteristics, started a regional brand, plays an indispensable role.


Hardware measuring constantly breaking international gap

   Precision machine tool manufacturing requires not only precision, stability, and tool and fixture to ensure accuracy, we also need to calibrate precision measuring measuring instruments, measurement.
Measuring Meter pivotal

Toilet bathroom hardware market has been shrinking profits began to decline

  From the current profitability of the domestic bath business point of view, the profits of manufacturing companies in the 8-25 percent. These so-called profit or to harm the health of employees, the deduction of employee benefits, in violation of laws and regulations, such as the cost of sacrificing the environment in return. This is undoubtedly the source of wealth is guilty, and it is bloody.



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