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Xinsheng Hardware main product drawer slides, drawer runner.

Bathroom cabinet bathroom hardware industry in the clear in regional development


   Bathroom more and more about temperament problems, temperament bathroom renovation is very important, now that more and more attention on the bathroom renovation, this is because the continuous improvement of living standards, not only focus on the bathroom functions, but also requires aesthetics. However, the overall home renovation bathroom renovation is the most complex part for most people, this is like a fuss-down war. In fact, as long as the key point to grasp, to this beautiful decoration is not difficult battle to fight.


China International Hardware Show 2011 opened the first boutique area


     After more than ten years of hard work, more than ten years of cultivation, the current size of the China International Hardware Show ranked second in the world, has become an international content-rich, meticulous service, high-impact, high degree of specialization is one of the important metal show. Continuation of the previous year, the exhibition "To promote the healthy development to build 'market-oriented and technology-oriented'drawer slides service platform 'position, emphasizing the domestic and foreign trade markets and balanced development, and guide enterprises to" walking on two legs ", and" trade, exchange and friends. "


Hardware mechanical and electrical business from the "Universiade" in the search for business opportunities

   August 12 evening, "not as exciting," the Shenzhen Universiade in Shenzhen Bay Sports Center grand opening. The "Spring Cocoons"drawer runner - Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, represented by 63 new, expanded stadiums completed green Universiade will mark the exciting event.


Chromium pollution Do not Let the village is dead "regulatory chaos" rampant Hardware Industry

   August 12, 2011, online Jingxian such a news: South Qujing Yuezhouzhen a total of more than 5,000 tons of chromium waste slag re-poisoned workers lost due to illegal discharge, direct discharge of toxic water is in Nanpanjiang. Suddenly set off an uproar, a time talking about,drawer slides authorities said did not affect people's lives, but three days later, the network again, "chromium pollution" news Jingxian "dead village", this pollution is argumentative departments. "lack of supervision ", the hardware industry, should not the so-called" supervision "to take" life "joke, playing with fire.

Survival of the fittest survival of the fittest in the competition expanding metal ware

    Market competition is a promoter, often drive the industry forward, from metal ware market development, the brand needs to adapt to competition from design, materials, technology, products continue to enrich the times demand content.


Collective enterprises in the mechanical and electrical hardware dodge "closures"

   Since recently, the emergence of enterprises in Dongguan, Guangdong, "closures" of the rumors everywhere and quickly spread across the country, when every few days, appeared small and medium enterprises of Zhejiang "closures", a one time small and medium enterprises feel insecure. To this end, the public media company in Dongguan, "closures" drawer slides rumors triggered the crisis is expected to conduct an investigation.


Lack of knowledge caused by the four door and window hardware accessories development difficulties

   Mainly to understand the importance of parts, in:

    Hardware effectiveness of lack of knowledge

    Fenestration Hardware we all recognize behind, but why no one to develop, some people believe, hardware accessories profits too thin,drawer runner not worth the investment, Moreover, too little investment in hardware can be done, so many years no one has a big investment, Hardware has also been extended to rely on foreign situation down.


Flowers can not live without green leaves do not ignore the little Cabinet Hardware Accessories

   Abstract: According to professionals, the merits of different hardware accessories hinges use a different feel, excellent quality of the open door when the hinge strength in softer, off to 15 degrees will automatically bounce back to stretch very uniform. Inferior Hardware Hinges life is short, and easy to fall off, such as doors, wall cabinet fell, mostly because the quality of the hinge, but off cause.


"Closures" incoming bathroom hardware, how to seek asylum

    Recently, the Dongguan, Guangdong enterprises have 'closures' rumors everywhere and quickly spread across the country, when every few days, Zhejiang appeared SME 'closures' reports, and for a small and medium enterprises feel insecure. To this end, the public media,drawer runner Dongguan enterprises 'closures' rumors triggered the crisis is expected to conduct an investigation.


Bathroom Hardware positioning precision marketing of future market winner

    People's quality of life to higher and higher gas, sanitary ware as a symbol of modern luxury living products, its entry into people's lives. That not only has health and cleaning should also include health functions, enjoy the features and entertainment. In the function, the only way to flush sanitary products appeared in the spin red, silent type, Xie style, in straight sets type, siphon, jet and so on. Sanitary products, Siamese-style shape appeared, and the basin series, Siamese, bidet, squatting-type device, urinals, mop basin, column or desktop wash.


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