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Yongkang Hardware: After the crisis of the development footprint

    Explore the culture from Yongkang hardware "knows the weight of craftsmen," origin, known as "metal craftsmen to go four, separated from the county health prefectural government," said. Yongkang hardware industry, covering the pot from the initial repair, with locks, to now include industrial machinery, hardware, decoration hardware, daily hardware, architectural hardware, tools, hardware, small appliances, doors, automobiles and parts, and other aspects . Financial crisis, Yongkang from product mix, brand development, marketing, management, continuous innovation, a hardware development of the industry leader. drawer slides Post-crisis era Yongkang Hardware will develop?


Fastener manufacturing costs in Asia's growing domestic demand

    Dow Jones reported, the U.S. vice president of materials management PorteousFastener BruceDarling company recently presented to the Western Pacific at its Fastener Association fasteners on the market in Asia in 2011 reported that: the Taiwan market - steel prices continued to rise, the dollar continues to soften, North Africa into civil war, European buyers face a difficult choice; the Chinese market - steel and labor costs, plant expansion of one of the few, limited electricity and pollution become the number one problem.


Wenzhou hardware business "closures", "deformed" survival

    Trap for small and medium enterprises in Wenzhou rumors of closures. Recently the local banking regulatory bureau of Wenzhou and other officials denied this, SME Bureau, Zhejiang Province, China Banking Regulatory Commission and the investigation team composed of the preliminary view that small and medium enterprises "closures" was "not stand."


Metal products processing enterprises that illegally discharge pollutants daily penalty

     Recently, Panyu District, Guangzhou City Environmental Protection Agency seized in a surprise inspection of enterprises that illegally discharge.  for the illegal acts of the enterprise, the District Environmental Protection Bureau will be implemented within the limits prescribed by law the maximum amount of fines.


CPI in the first financial futures: an upward trend in copper prices do not change adjustment

   Copper & last night continued to rise slightly to close at $ 9,228, on volume of 95,489 hands, open interest increased 125 to 264,951 hand-hand, inventory decreased to 467,775 tons. Copper rose slightly last night, and stood on top of $ 9,200, the overall pattern of increase did not change. From the technical charts: Copper & now just in the April 18 low of $ 9,207 of the resistance line, the line needs a vibration adjustment process, but this is not the high point, and Copper & down there in the $ 9,100 strong support, the line at the same time or 30-day moving average support level which, it is expected that adjustment is limited,drawer slides I propose the old


Changsha, the formation of advanced battery materials Lugu and battery business group

   Energy problem has become the forefront of the new century, the core of the global topic, after oil advanced batteries as the most important resources of power, and battery and super capacitor energy storage devices such as higher power density and positive energy density development of future battery, storage batteries and other advanced battery materials has demonstrated a quite a lot of potential and a bright new future. Advanced battery materials for the node to the "new momentum" and "new energy storage," as the core,drawer slides as the main high-tech zones in Changsha Changsha National High-tech advanced battery materials and battery industrial base, advanced battery industry from top to bottom extension of the growing industrial chain clear and complete, to energy storage materials, new material industry, represented by the coastal industrial transfer in the undertaking, to participate in international division of labor, the process of cooperation and competition to stand out.


Chinese copper demand may be the next focus of the international market speculation

     China's copper demand is weakening it? Gathered in San Diego last week to participate in large-scale copper industry, the annual meeting of hundreds of miners, smelters, manufacturers, bankers and hedge fund managers, this is a question about the market. Experienced a massive bull market,drawer slides China is the cumulative copper warehouse stocks. Bull market has pushed copper prices more than $ 10,000 per ton of the unprecedented high. Copper peak from February's decline of 5%. The problem is, the world's largest copper consumer country in reducing the use of copper, or more downstream in the supply chain and manufacturers are smelter has been in the consumption of inventory, waiting for copper prices down. This issue is critical for the copper market. 40% of global copper consumption in China, is one of the most important copper driver. drawer runner In addition, the U.S. and European consumers, there is also the fact that a shortage of copper stocks, may reduce the magnitude of the price correction. The international market that although China's monetary tightening demand for copper caused some impact, but China's rate hikes will lead an attractive copper and long-term prospects for more sustainable path. International market is still optimistic about China's copper demand, He Jun, senior analyst at the Ampang view, the market demand in China will change in gambling, the Chinese should have a strategy to participate in this "gamble ", you can use to influence the global market, policy changes . There is no doubt that China's copper demand will be the next focus of the international market speculation.


Impact of electricity shortage on the steel industry appeared crude steel production cuts next March

   The impact of electricity shortage from the steel industry began to emerge following month, resulting in monthly decline may be less than 5%.

    Sha Steel Group Jiangsu Yong Steel Group Co., Ltd. Publicity Division, a leader yesterday told the author, from May 10 have already arranged two workshops start address power rationing measures cut-off, the main impact of the bar production, "during a power outage arrange for maintenance, the Government has not informed us how much power rationing, beginning in June may be more a little more. "


Consumption grew by nearly half and half bathroom hardware market prices are not only re-

    Beginning from 2010 to 2011, the premises of the rapid growth of the shortcut properties, is bound to mobilize the daily growth of metal sanitary ware industry, hardware sanitary situations in the new emergence of new trends, hardware bathroom home of the product will appear trend, more satiation home hardware needs. Daily hardware sanitary ware program more and more of the new animal products, energy saving environmentally friendly new day with new bathroom hardware features.


Business management hardware failure causes a five-point

    Many hardware business failure in the final analysis is the failure of quality control, resulting in hardware failure of quality management boils down to the following several reasons.

    First, the lack of vision


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