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Show machine tool consumption in China dominate the world ushered in new long-term

   Overall global metal processing machine tool manufacturing industry out of recession in 2010, the world's 28 major machine tool producing countries and regions, the output value reached 66.3 billion U.S. dollars, compared with the output value of 54.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2009 increased 21%.

    2009, drawer runner output in 2008 fell by one third. China continues to play a leading role. Plastic mold and metal according to the International Association of Permanent Secretary for Industry Supply Luo Baihui introduced, China has for many years to become the world's largest machine tool consumer and importer since 2009, has become the world's largest producer. 2010 machine tool production in China increased rapidly, accounting for the global production value of up to 31%. Strong domestic demand, China's machine tool market, mainly in domestic and export relatively little.

    As production and imports have a more substantial growth, China's machine tool consumption continues to increase, reaching 28.48 billion U.S. dollars, becoming the world's largest machine tool consumer. In dollar terms, drawer slides the global consumption of each machine will have nearly ten units in China. Second and third were Germany 50 billion dollars, 2.7 billion U.S..

    In the past two years, the world machine tool production is on the seesaw growth. 2009 global production of 28 major countries and regions in machine tool production value fell by 32%. Machine tool production in major countries and regional economic recovery, the 2010 machine delivery value reached 663 billion U.S. dollars, 54.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2009, an increase of 21%. Fluctuations of considerable magnitude in some countries such as Japan, a serious decline in 2009, but rebounded as high as 69% in 2010 to regain the metal processing machine tool output value of the world's second position.

    Japanese machine tool industry in 2009 experienced a 59% overall rebound after a heavy decline, the second largest producer of machine tools to return to the position. Germany in 2009, suffered a serious financial crisis than Japan in 2010, output continued to decline 10%, ranked third. Machine tool production is still a serious decline in the U.S., has dropped to eighth place, in Italy, Korea, China Taiwan and Switzerland after.

    2010 Germany orders also rebounded, but mainly high-end machine tools and large equipment such as delivery time is longer, may be dragged before the delivery of products in 2011. As the supply of component parts and labor shortage, the German machine tool production has decreased by 10% year on year. Germany is expected to lag the rebound will be relatively few. Italy and Switzerland the same situation.

    In the global machine tool manufacturing industry, China has once again become the largest machine tool producer. China's machine tool production in 2010 20.9 billion, an increase of 35% of the world's 28 major machine tool producing countries and regions in GDP to 31% of $ 66,300,000,000. Luobai Hui said that China's manufacturing industry began to grow rapidly in the ten years ago, sparked a large demand for production equipment. Since 2002, China became the world's largest consumer of machine tools and maintain so far. China's machine tool imports a large number of ,2002-2005, imports of machine tools machine tool consumption in China, an average of 62%. During 2006-2010, China's domestic machine tool companies and some foreign enterprises to gradually expand the market share, imports of machine tools in 2010 accounted for 33% of consumption.

    China's machine tool exports grew by 31% to 1.85 billion, ranking sixth in the world. However, the output value of China's machine tool exports accounted for only 9%, well below the world's other major machine tool producing countries and regions. One reason is that business full domestic orders, another reason may be that China's efforts to develop the international machine tool market and the channel is not enough.

   Japan's exports in 2009 ranked among Germany, due to a slight decline in German exports in 2010, and the Japanese machine tool exports jumped 86%, resulting in Japan once again ranked the world's largest exporter of machine tools.

   Japan, Germany, and Italy ranked third in exports, which exports accounted for production of machine tools are in the 66% ratio. Belgium, as a large number of re-exports, imports of machine tools in many re-exported to other regions, and therefore its consumption is much higher than imports. Similarly, re-export to these countries is also very easy to export countries and regions total exports over total production.

   Relatively open U.S. market, accounting for machine tool imports in the consumption of 77% in 2010 despite a slight decline in imports, but still ranked as the world's second largest after China's machine tool imports. Later followed by Germany, Korea, India. U.S. machine tool exports rose 12%, trade deficit of 726 million, a decrease compared with a deficit in 2009, 2009, the deficit was as high as 10 billion dollars. 10 years ago, the United States is the world's largest machine tool consumer, much higher than the second place Germany. After that, the U.S. machine tool consumption has been declining, spending 2.75 billion in 2010, down 15%, from 2009 ranked third in the global machine tool consumption dropped to sixth. The highest year spending only $ 6,770,000,000 in 2000 for two fifths.

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