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Xinsheng Hardware main product drawer slides, drawer runner.

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Taozhuang Hardware Machinery traditional products usher in the "second spring"

    It is reported that good iron industry articles, hardware and machinery to create the industrial base, industrial transformation and upgrading of traditional characteristics, industrial development has become the consensus of Tao Town.

    Li Bin said that the town will increase the intensity of industrial park infrastructure, and improve the carrying capacity of major projects. According to reports, this year, the town plans to invest 20 million yuan for industrial functional areas of infrastructure, supporting projects.

    The same is the production of nuts, high strength product price per ton higher than ordinary double, allowing the public Shing Metal move upmarket from low-end competition to seize the commanding heights of the market. drawer runner Recently, Tao Town, Jiashan County mayor, said Li Bin, with the transformation and upgrading of products, traditional products to achieve a "stunning jump", so the town railway industry ushered in the "second spring."

    Chung Shing author saw the metal workshop, a variety of nuts everything. The surface looks very ordinary nut actually there,drawer slides "mystery." MING pick up a chairman of a nut, said nut 934 which is the market price of 6,000 yuan per ton. He pointed to the right of the pile of nuts that it was high-strength nuts, the market price of 12,000 yuan per ton.

    Chung Shing Metal is a traditional pottery town pieces of metal, fabricated metal products manufacturing and processing enterprises, which rely on local raw materials, mainly iron and steel scrap resources. Since last year, the company's attempt to upgrade low-end products to high-end products, successfully developed for the construction, decoration, machinery and other areas of high-strength nuts new products. But subject to restrictions on plant and equipment, public production of high-strength metal Sheng product yield only one-tenth of all enterprises.

    The same as all the metal Sheng, Fortune precision to win high-end market share, select the new product development as a breakthrough. According to reports, last year, the company's funds for technological transformation reached 400 million, has achieved good results. Vice Minister Jiang business Miao said that government departments are to support the enterprise, especially the development of new products, not just in technology to support them in the capital are also given financial assistance, mobilized the enthusiasm of enterprise product development. I learned that the production of stainless steel Xinhai Precision machinery parts, and now all sold to Europe and the United States.

    Focus on the town this year to strengthen the metal trading logistics park project investment, start as soon as the logistics park infrastructure. Meanwhile, the town to the provincial government as the province of circular economy pilot as an opportunity to develop a recycling economy as the new economic growth point task.

    This high-end products as soon as possible to seize the market, all money Sheng metal construction of the two into a larger plant. May two other officially put into operation this year, the company will achieve a comprehensive upgrading of products, annual production of a product of high strength fasteners tons, sales income 150 million yuan, annual sales than double the original.

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