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Construction machinery industry surveys, and downstream distributors and Analysis

    Hai Tong Securities recent research, especially the various construction machinery excavator manufacturing company and its dealers, for the year of 2011 and beyond supply and demand of construction machinery to the conclusion that:

    Supply-side: Although the company has total production capacity will reach 20 million units, and new and expanded national capacity 10 million units. But in fact the company production capacity is difficult to release substantially in 2011, Kawasaki, Japan's lack of availability of hydraulic components may appear in the March-April, 2011, China will become the bottleneck supplier of construction machinery, drawer slides engineering machinery companies of all domestic production capacity not fully released, basically to balance production and sales in 2011. Monetary tightening in 2011 has little effect on sales of construction machinery. But overall, in 2011 there will be no serious shortage of the 2010 season supply problems, meet the basic needs.

    Demand side: 1, twelve five infrastructure planning (including water) than the Eleventh Five basic double, labor shortages and labor costs increase, and the central and western regions the Government's infrastructure investment enthusiasm is difficult to resist. Midwest boosted demand for the next few years the incremental demand for construction machinery. Water input to the second half of 2011, excavators began to pull.drawer runner 2 and East gradual transformation from large-scale infrastructure for urban infrastructure maintenance, small construction machinery such as small dig and two Mangjiang become a new species, more diverse engineering machinery will drive continued strong demand. 3,1-3 months of continuous promotional efforts ahead of the release of a large part of the effective demand, as the manufacturers strive to scraping in the first half of sales are expected to continue hot season sales, sales growth will moderate in the second half. 4, a large influx of used construction machinery in China and other Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam, leading to increase the frequency of construction machinery replacement. 5,5, all manufacturers are relaxed business conditions, and provides fast operation of financial leasing platform, excavator sales in 2011, more than half of the use of finance leases, was about 90% of extreme claims by way of finance lease, the bank shrinkage money on the sale of construction machinery had little effect.

    Manufacturers and dealers inventory: 1, individual foreign excavator manufacturers such as Hyundai (Jiangsu) excavator inventory is very low, the supply may not last season; 2, domestic demand is too large, the financial capabilities getting goods distributors (sales of foreign capital brand dealers need to pick up the full amount, sales of domestic brand dealers 2 months after delivery of basic needs in the full amount buy) can not be compared to hoard goods dealer sales data led to the establishment of good-looking one that can not. 3, present the whole plant and the upper structure supporting enterprises have been fully open full production capacity, the peak season could maintain the tight balance.

    Margin: strong sales so far this year has brought a lot of sales charges, in addition to rising steel and labor costs, largely offset by price increases for construction machinery to bring profits. This year, the small price cut of about 3000-5000 yuan, a large price cut of about 1 million, loaders also have early March price increases. Taken together, the estimated gross margin of the mainstream basically the same product.

    Overall sales of construction machinery and performance remained relatively optimistic about the year of production, supply remained tight balance. The next 2-3 years price increases and shortage of labor in China, domestic demand for regional echelon of domestic exports of used equipment on hand to enhance the demand for new equipment, led the Chinese construction machinery still large room for development.

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