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Alert! Metal fire doors market is "lean"

    Recently years, Guangzhou, Foshan, seized one after another "lean pig", Guangzhou has also occurred in "lean" poisoning "lean" not only become a hot topic, how many more people to eat pork adds a panic.

    Fire doors market is not optimistic. Currently, the fire door industry, the main problem is that the "three noes" fire doors fire doors posing as informal enterprises, or impurities, drawer slides or fire doors do not meet the requirements of the various parts, and even reduce the production process, resulting products do not meet the standards . Prior to the inspection have been found outside the normal wood, the fire door core door for the paper, not only do not have this type of fire door separating the role of fire, but also because of its combustible materials are used, will provide fuel to the fire directly, play a direct role in combustion, endangering personal safety.

    "When the crisis was supposed to protect life in the fire barrier door, if you use a fake fire products, drawer runner fire doors may turn into a 'fire door' cause even greater fire safety hazard." Fake before the community Fire doors have become increasingly rampant, the Department of Shanghai Fire Bureau fire prompted the city Technology Department of enterprises and the masses increased vigilance and inferior fire doors fire, increasing fire hazards.

    Fire Tip one: fake fire doors to be burn for 5 minutes.
    Buildings, especially high-rise buildings, fire separation or fire if not properly handled, the occurrence of fire, tall chimneys as a seat, a way to quickly spread the fire. The spread of fire doors and windows are blocked by such an effective device.

    According to the determination in the early stages of the fire, due to air convection, fire burning, if a height of 100 m high building, in the case of non-stop, about half a minute, smoke can spread along the top of vertical tube-wells. Therefore, the selection of a qualified fire doors, for the suppression of fire spread, protection of the evacuation has an extremely important role.

    The fake fire doors not only can not stop the fire, and will contribute to the fire, reduce the escape time. Poor quality of the product does not play a fire retardant.

    Fire Tip two: Buy to go to regular manufacturers of fire protection products.

    Fire Department reminded the public to purchase fire protection products have to informal enterprises.

    Query capacity with qualified fire protection products manufacturing enterprises to the Ministry the list of available products, conformity assessment Fire Center Web site, in addition to checking the unit of production information, the site also provides fire protection products business unit of address and contact information.

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