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Hong Shan Zuo Qi into the lions try heating power plant

    Yesterday, mountain lions hung heating power plant of heat into the trial. Previously, the plant Unit 1 on Jan. 10 formally entered the production power generation, power supply 5.7 billion a year degrees, heat 7.8 million tons, solve the power shortage situation in Quanzhou the south, but also for the surrounding business district heating.

    The status quo.

    123 small chimneys set in coastal areas.

    Xiangzhi, drawer slides Hong Shan, Kam still three towns located in the northeast of the lions, the big town of Fort Xiangzhi, David Town, Fort Ng, Kam Kam town yet still three industrial set-controlled areas along the coastline from north to south order. According to statistics, three sets of existing industrial enterprises controlled areas nearly 90, mainly in the textile printing and dyeing, bleaching and dyeing, metal electroplating enterprises. Among them, all with heating boiler manufacturing enterprises owned 58 enterprises, the existing 123 units owned coal-fired industrial boilers, boiler total capacity of 1537 tons / hour; under construction or proposed enterprise has 15 boilers; all thermal power plants using stone lions (put into operation in 1997) only 13 companies of steam; use of lions Waste Treatment Plant is only one enterprise of steam ... ... This means that 123 small chimney smoke is emitted continuously, affecting the surrounding environment , while coal,drawer runner water, electricity and other energy consumption will also continue to increase.


    Replace small coal-fired central heating boiler.

     Dyeing, bleaching and dyeing, electroplating, metal is the pillar industry of the lions on the textile and garment industry, an important link chain. How to solve the problem of the small chimney? To this end, mountain lions hung accelerate heating power plant put into operation, plans to phase out all small lions chimney coastal industrial zone.

    According to statistics, the maximum thermal load of the three major industrial areas has more than 1200 tons / hour, and hung the heating capacity of Thermal Power Plant are also 1,200 tons / hour, high load up to 1,500 tons / hour, the three major industrial areas to meet the basic heating demand. At present, Hong Thermal Power Plant is working with companies to discuss cooperation matters, providing high-quality, energy saving, environmentally friendly energy. Experiments show that good quality central heating due to heat, use high rate, but also help enterprises save costs: a ton of the same knitted fabric, hung Thermal Power Plant thermal energy consumption of 4.7-5.2 tons, and the corporate self-boiler coal consumption of thermal energy to be 5.4 -6.2 tons.

    Energy saving.

    270 acres of land could be released.

    Gradually replace the three major industrial areas in all coal-fired small boilers, while Hong Thermal Power Plant can effectively save energy.

    Land, Hong Thermal Power Plant, 85% of land reclamation, removal of hundreds of small boilers can save 270 acres of land.

    Coal, the Hong Thermal Power Plant using the most advanced cogeneration technology, in theory, can be made 1 degree per 230 grams of coal-burning power only goal, which is currently the first to achieve this level of thermal power projects. Saved by 100 grams per kilowatt coal basis, generating 50 billion a year degrees can save 50 million tons of coal! Savings in three towns close to the current amount of annual coal production of three.

   Water resources, extensive use of Hong Thermal Power Plant cooling water for the boiler and save a lot of valuable freshwater resources.

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