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Chinese hardware companies should focus on trademark brand

    Since the trademark since the emergence, for the enterprise has brought high profits, trademarks, brands are an important manifestation of the competitiveness of enterprises. Trademark is entitled to trademark holders by ensuring that goods or services to indicate, or permit others to use to obtain the exclusive right to compensation, drawer slides leaving the trademark holders are protected by law.

    With the sudden emergence of private enterprise hardware, trademarks and brands fetters of hardware business development as an important factor. In recent years, due to trademark disputes arising from the events have occurred. Chilean businessmen to open up was registered as trademarks, Yantai Greenwood tool tool face Fergus infringement.

    As we all know,drawer runner 'smile curve' brands at one end, one end of the technology and patents. Although some hardware scale enterprises bigger and bigger, sold at home and abroad, but not their own brands, and most hardware companies in the industrial chain of the most low-end, can only rely on assembly and processing to earn a meager profit, low value-added products, fist less product, corporate profits from low fat hardware companies how to trademark and brand-building force, accounting for the high-end chain it?

    From the perspective of business survival must first resolve the 'licensed' and 'illegal' issue. Secondly, the gradual resolution of whether the 'famous trademark', the availability of 'China Famous Brand' problems. In the registered trademark, the company should be fully into the design elements, forming a recognizable and easy to promote the trademark, which helps companies in the market competition. In addition, the hardware companies have to strengthen the management of trademarks, the establishment of bigger and stronger trademark brand strategy.

    Frequent cases of violations to the hardware companies hit the alarm, and all enterprises should be paying attention to trademark protection and trademark business. And through the promotion of technology to enhance and improve business management, product quality improvement and give more trademark brand reputation.

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