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Hardware upgrade the industrial structure and advantages of the cluster status

    Most of China's hardware industry cluster is to mature from the development process, there is great potential for development, the development speed and quality of development is also more affected by external factors, therefore the great need for the Government to grasp the premise of its development trend for support.

    Generally speaking, China's hardware industry cluster in the period ahead there will be rapid development, will move toward more professional,drawer slides more market-oriented and more international direction and gradually matured.
    The main trends of the current

    Hardware cluster gradually expand the economic scale.

    There is widespread concern about industrial clusters are an important reason is its high growth, most of the growth of industrial clusters has a strong capacity due to rapid growth of the national economy, the growth rate of China's industrial clusters are more prominent, the ability of high-growth industry clusters , the scale of the trend is very clear.

    The drawer runner new metal industrial clusters are emerging.

    After twenty years of development, China's hardware industry cluster in some areas has become a major driving force of economic growth and international competitiveness of an important source of economic development in the region played an increasingly important role. Eastern coastal areas in the original cluster continues to mature at the same time, continue to refine the division of labor, derived from a number of new industrial clusters.

    Regional brand into a new direction for the development of industrial clusters.

    Industrial clusters and regional brands can become an important carrier of brand growth, and regional brands and brand promotion will lead to further promote the development of industrial clusters to form a good interaction between the two. After 20 years of development, China's industrial clusters have emerged a large number of corporate brand and product brands, corporate brands and product brands in the group, based on industrial clusters and gradually upgrade and expand, forming a strong regional brand, the brand has become focus on the development of industrial clusters and important means of competition.

    Dominant business continued to grow.

    In recent years, more and more intense market competition, enterprises in the metal industry cluster has undergone the baptism of domestic and foreign competition, some good business from which emerge and continue to grow and become the dominant industry cluster business. As Zhejiang, Hangzhou industrial clusters to optimize the internal organizational structure, technology and many other stars appeared in large-scale enterprise groups, and many enterprises are under a modern enterprise system and the exploration of the operation of international rules.

    Escalation of the industrial structure present trends.

    With the market competition and changes in regional comparative advantage, structural upgrading hardware industry cluster development has become an inevitable trend. In recent years, the National Hardware industry cluster actively innovate and upgrade the industrial structure, promote industrial clusters to improve competitiveness. In accordance with market principles, Haining R & D centers established industry, product design center, quality testing center, industry information center for industry, supporting the development of functional institutions; while relying on a specialized area, and actively create a training base for skilled workers to improve their skills and comprehensive quality. In addition, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu and actively promote the development of high-tech industry cluster, promote the industrial park to the direction of evolution of industrial clusters, high-tech industrial clusters initially become the prototype, which will help promote the upgrading of the structure of industrial clusters and improve the industry status of the overall structure of the cluster.

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