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Xinsheng Hardware main product drawer slides, drawer runner.

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Hardware manufacturers how to make customers and colleagues awareness and recognition

    Have excellent products.

    Hardware & Electrical Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, Beijing Chaolong Ma Chunjiang, general manager of electrical and mechanical hardware market: I think that as hardware vendors want customers to know,drawer slides understand us, the first point should have the perfect product, production, management is based on a good product .

    Beijing Chamber of Commerce General News Hardware & Electrical Cheung Shan: Through my years of experience in this industry summary, I think we want customers to better understand our peers, I think the quality, price, drawer runner interpersonal relationships are three very important factors. In these three factors, the quality is the foundation.

    To be good at selling himself.

    Ma Chunjiang view, on the basis of a strong product, to do publicity. Companies to be good at selling themselves, make themselves known. Through the promotion of the company's brand in the hardware industry, the quality advantage, financial advantage of their advantages such as to show up, so as to allow more customers to understand our colleagues to know us.

    Wen said the long hill, with the basis of product quality, how to become a key market. Between the same grades of products, should be good at the wrong marketing. Like horse racing, as in the marketing process, we use our second-class products and first-class product compared to others, then by our first-class products and compare his Grade, Grade, and his third-class products comparison. Know how to market dislocation, and vigorously promote products, positive enthusiasm for investment.

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