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Hardware measuring constantly breaking international gap

   Precision machine tool manufacturing requires not only precision, stability, and tool and fixture to ensure accuracy, we also need to calibrate precision measuring measuring instruments, measurement.
Measuring Meter pivotal
        Precision tools at the national Engineering Research Center of the precision instrument commissioning, the staff tap the button, fixed on a test platform for quickly turning on the auto gear up, next to the computer screen, the number in the fast beating. Just 10 seconds,drawer runner the measurement results will be displayed next to the measured value and tolerance values, makes clear. Chao, deputy chief engineer of the Research Center has just successfully developed this platform for rapid detection of self-sorting machine is this assessment: "As the speed, and high degree of automation, coupled with low prices, to meet the automotive manufacturers to achieve one hundred percent of the rapid detection of gear to ensure the quality of the national car safety of the equipment to fill the domestic auto gear online detection and sorting technology in the field of space. "
        "Saying, NC is a CNC machine tool's teeth, precision measuring instruments are the eyes of CNC machine tools and they promote each other, closely related, equipment, services, driving the CNC manufacturing equipment, especially digital cutting technology development."drawer slides Chengdu Tool Research The senior engineer and doctoral tutor Kun Xie, so playing for example.
Relevant statistics show that China's industry after decades of measuring the construction and development, and has formed a relatively complete product, with a certain scale of production and development capabilities of the industrial system, a large number of outside Japan with the world's second producer. However, as the basis for CNC cutting technology, tool manufacturing industry in China's technological level and measuring instruments and other aspects of performance quality, and advanced level there is a big gap.
Made continuously measuring highlights
          From the visual to the simple measurement to the precision measurement, measuring technological progress to a certain extent to protect the manufacturing technology. Mr. Qian Xuesen of scientists have pointed out: "Information technology, including measurement techniques, computer technology and communication technology. And basic measurement technology is the key."
         Precision machine tool manufacturing requires not only precision, stability, and tool and fixture to ensure accuracy, we also need to calibrate precision measuring measuring instruments, measurement. "Some are in the process (such as the instrument on the knife); some post-testing (such as gear measuring instruments)."
          Industry experts said the wind power industry, for example, power generation equipment in some of the typical key components such as turbine blades, rotor and turbine rotor wheel slot trunking and other typical components of embedded processing and testing, to a certain extent, represent and reflect a country of advanced technology and CNC cutting tools, digital measuring technology and measuring instruments of the latest achievements and standards, has resulted in a tool manufacturing industry's attention.
        Gratifying is that the domestic Measuring Meter manufacturers in recent years, digital technology and digital measuring tools developed products to increase investment, has achieved tremendous results. The past few years, digital measuring tools made simple bar the development of liquid crystal digital display to more complex dynamic simulation of the surface shape of the LCD image display, digital calipers resolution capacitive development from 0.01 mm to 0.001 mm, measurement accuracy and reliability of has improved significantly. Continuously improve the waterproof and dustproof performance (from IP54 to IP65, is now up to IP67), also enhanced the domestic digital measuring competitiveness in the market.
Harbin Measuring & Cutting Tool Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ha volume) in the last 10 years continue to strengthen in gear measuring instruments, measuring surface roughness and contour measuring instrument development and manufacturing of precision instruments such as field advantage, made the successful development of the current maximum of 2 meters CNC gear measurement, become the most competitive manufacturer of precision measuring instruments.
        National Precision Tool Engineering Research Center, Chengdu Tool Research Institute, Luo Defu said that so far, the center of new cutting tool materials, tool materials, surface modification techniques, gear measuring instruments and other aspects of the results has been the leading domestic level.‘

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