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Shandong four main metal industry cluster, "special cards"

   In recent years, rapid development of hardware industry in Shandong has become an important market for North Hardware development, the emergence of hardware tools such as Wendeng four well-known metal industry cluster, and rise to grace to the Group in Qingdao, Wen Deng Wei Li Tools Group Co., Ltd. Qingdao Elephant Tool Co., Ltd., Ingram Micro Tool Co., Ltd., Taiwan well-known hardware company, fierce momentum can not be stopped. The overall development of hardware industry in Shandong in the process, area businesses hold together with a hardware cluster, Shandong metal to form their own characteristics, started a regional brand, plays an indispensable role.

    1, Wendeng hardware tools industry cluster

    In 2009, the international financial crisis, Wendeng in their efforts to build China's base for the target hardware drawer slides tools, enterprise development, expansion of the backbone as the carrier, to technological innovation, brand building, technology innovation as the driving force to continuously optimize the development environment, plus large industrial investment, and efforts to foster growth of electromechanical tools for industry clusters. As of the end of 2009, the city's mechanical and electrical tools Wendeng to more than 300 business development, sales income of 27.8 billion yuan.

    Wendeng in their efforts to build China's base for the target hardware tools, focus from brand management, drawer runner product development and other aspects of reform, increased investment in enterprise technology, accelerate new product development and upgrading, new on the number of good market prospects, technical high levels, driven by strong industry, large projects, industry leading rapid expansion, the formation of industrial clusters advantage of hardware tools industrial base in China report offers a strong community basis.

    2, production and sales base in Linyi Hedong Hardware

    Linyi is the old revolutionary base areas, areas east of the river from the city in early 1995 when the withdrawal of land for the establishment of the new district, is the municipal government is committed to creating a "half." Hedong Hardware manufacturing and processing industries with a long history, the early 1970s to produce scissors, hammer and other hardware tools known to form "every chink, always take the smoke," the manufacturing scene.

    In recent years, Hedong based advantages, high position, a strong operation, adhere to the metal processing industries as the region's focus on fostering and accelerate development. First, the hardware manufacturing and processing industry has become the region's industries and pillar industries. Second, the hardware market-based, hardware and tools to build the largest logistics base. It is understood that the development of nine east area, Messire, Phoenix Ridge, Pacific metal manufacturing and processing in four towns, 82 villages metal processing expertise, employing 20,000 people. Has value of more than 5 million businesses, 21 value of more than 50 million yuan business. Up to now, the hardware market has invested a total construction fund 270 million yuan, covers an area of ??700 acres, more than 3,000 booths shops, more than 800 enterprises in the domestic market based point of sale. It provides 10 thousand direct jobs, and led the related warehousing, transportation, catering and other supporting industry growth.

    3, metal production and export base Pingyin

    July 2010, China National Hardware Association After Pingyin malleable iron pipe fittings industry assessment, Pingyin formally identified as "China malleable iron pipe fittings production base," the county's Jinan Meide Casting Co., Ltd. has been awarded the "China malleable iron pipe parts production base of leading enterprises "title. Pingyin County, Shandong Province, received the first awarding of the hardware production base in the industry.

    In Meide Casting under the driving force, has been formed Pingyin of malleable cast as the lead in Meide, and other enterprises supporting industry clusters, and this great brand driven company focused on supporting the industrial features, now we just formed a national the most modern and healthy way metal industry cluster.

    4, Yangxin stainless steel kitchenware industry cluster

    Shandong Yangxin stainless steel tableware, regardless of yield, variety, quality levels are in a more leading the county annual output capacity of stainless steel products stainless steel cutlery 60 million to fight, utensils 5000000, 2000000 rigging, has formed a Chinese , Western, Buffet, cold drinks, furniture, drinking fountains and other 8 series and more than 1,000 varieties, employing over 7,000 people, and excellent product quality, access to the international certification system, a variety of products won a major scientific and technological achievements at home and abroad Award exports throughout Europe and Asia and other regions more than 80 countries.

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