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Spring market: Hardware export of electromechanical products to obtain good

   Ministry of Commerce, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, the central bank and other 11 departments have jointly issued the "on" five "to promote the export of electromechanical products during the sustained and healthy development of opinions" (hereinafter referred to as "views").

    "Opinions"drawer runner that the "five" period, to optimize the structure of export products and promote export structure from labor-intensive and labor-intensive to capital-intensive technology, both change and expand with independent intellectual property rights and brands of mechanical and electrical exports, and strive to general trade export of electromechanical products to increase the proportion of independent brands to 30%.

    Increase the export of mechanical and electrical support

    It is understood that China's mechanical and electrical products has been maintained for 16 consecutive years, the status of the first category of export commodities, accounting for 60% of total exports, more than 70% of incremental exports ranked first in the world. "Eleventh Five-Year", China's export of electromechanical products to continue its rapid growth, drawer slides the overall size than the "15" more than doubled during the period; export structure continued to improve, high-tech export of electromechanical products accounted for more than 50% of intellectual property rights and brand export share has steadily increased. As of 2010, the mechanical and electrical products for 16 years to maintain the largest export commodity status.

    Therefore, the Ministry of Commerce said, "five-second" period, China's import and export of electromechanical products and strive to average annual growth rate higher than the growth rate of GDP and foreign trade, and strive to "five" at the end of the scale of imports and exports $ 2.4 trillion, of which exports $ 1.4 trillion.

    "However, low-cost expansion of the mechanical and electrical products, extensive pattern of exports is still deeply rooted." "MM modern manufacturing," edited by Feng Jianping, said during an interview, each participating machine tool exhibition in Hannover, Germany number of Chinese enterprises are not many, though Shenyang Machine Tool ( 12.43,0.00,0.00%), machine tool industry in China still leading enterprises, but in the international machine tool industry is still no technical advantage.

    Therefore, the "opinions" stressed the need to optimize the export structure of business entities, to encourage automobile, machine tools, construction machinery, ships, railway locomotives and other key industries 25 100 lines of business outside of the establishment of a sound marketing network and after-sales service system, to cultivate and identify 200 export base and 2000 base business, focus on cultivating a strong science and technology 100 furniture independent core technology, innovation and cross-electromechanical enterprise groups.

    "Opinions" to promote exports from a product-oriented to product, technology, the combination of changes in the export of capital, accelerating the development of technology, brand, quality and service as the core competitiveness of the new advantages, continue to consolidate the traditional advantages of mechanical products to foster the competitive advantage of electronic products, complete sets of equipment to strengthen the comprehensive comparative advantages, promote international strategic emerging industries, strict control of the "two high" exports, moderate easily lead to trade friction to reduce the export of products.

    Policy support, continue to play a policy on the export of financial support and guidance role. In line with WTO rules under the premise of playing the role of export credit insurance policy to encourage domestic banks to control risk provide the premise for export credit support, support ships, electricity, telecommunications, railway, metallurgy equipment, large equipment manufacturing industry exports .

    "Opinion" that the yuan to expand cross-border use, and comprehensively promote the RMB settlement of cross-border trade, cross-border investment and financing to widen the yuan. Chinese financial institutions to improve the function of foreign affiliates, customers and businesses to export buyer's credit counseling services, banking, overseas distributors and end users to provide financial support.

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