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Decision-making "myth" hardware companies to bring inspiration Jobs

   Steve Jobs' wave of the sleeves, "resigned from the position of Apple CEO, Apple's shares fell more than 5%, which is a test of Apple's Steve Jobs era, drawer runner Apple is also attracted a number after" fruit powder, "mad, this is a mystery.
     It can be said about whether or iPhone4 born iPhone5, or ipad, Apple's success is inseparable from good decision-making, "The Myth"-like figure Steve Jobs is one of the firm. Steve Jobs's resignation will affect our way of knowing what follow-up, but look forward to iPhone6iPhone7 or iPhone8 still so brilliant.

    drawer slides Similarly, metal industries and enterprises also need good decision-makers at the helm. Hardware companies have a majority of the development to see how much decision-making, whether a company can take the long-term planning and vision needs, leading hardware companies are all "God-like" decision-makers, was up to today's level. Like Jin billion industry Caiyong Long, Taiwan has become just a small time no room for complacency, his unique vision to see the potential of the mainland of fasteners, bold investments in the Mainland factories, and finally become a generation of fasteners king, in 2011 foreign Hoogewerf richest ranked No. 8; Tianjin high-Man-Man-Group, healthy and strong domineering exposed in the light of his careful planning group flourishing below, there are many such examples. For the hardware industry, corporate advertising efforts, outreach, development, staff training methods, decision makers need careful planning in order to achieve rapid development.

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