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Bearing distributors "snowball" strategy to win market

   The bearings industry is increasingly intense, there has been hundreds of companies fight the market situation, competition is really fierce. Bearing the brand from Sweden, SKF Bearing, Japan NSK Bearings, Germany FAG / INA bearings extend to the United States mgcill, SBC bearing South Korea, Japan KOYO, FHY, IKO, and a dozen international brand. In the distribution of imported bearings industry forward, a few need to find and develop the market approach.

    In determining their target market, the next step of the task is how to use the correct marketing strategy occupy it, and to choose the right target market expansion strategy.

    However,drawer slides the choice of target market expansion strategy depends on the characteristics of the market itself, contact the various markets, competitive market conditions, and enterprises have the strength and other conditions. Therefore, companies in the choice of target marketing strategies should be comprehensive in-depth and detailed analysis.

    First, the "snowball" strategy

    Target market of "snowball" strategy is to develop a strategy for SMEs, the most commonly used, that companies in existing markets within the same geographical area, a way to expand within the region, after the exhaustion of a region to another new area into the expansion strategy. Specifically, this strategy of expansion to a certain region to expand the target market for the enterprise market, "base"drawer runner and "base camp" for intensive cultivation, the "base" and "home base" market bigger, stronger, so deep, so through, and become the basis for further development and future backing. In the "base" of the market share of the absolute superiority and absolute stability, the re-use it as base to the surrounding neighbors and gradually roll forward, penetration, and finally to achieve "A single spark can start a prairie fire", that is the purpose of occupying the entire market.

    Adopt a "snowball" marketing strategy has the following advantages:

    1. Help enterprises to reduce marketing risk

    "Base" of the marketing strategy for the marketing practices of the surrounding areas offer a wealth of experience and a good example. The building of enterprises in the "base" of the market process, the law of product marketing with more research, including success stories and failures. "Base" of marketing experience, over time a natural expansion to the surrounding business in the future the most valuable asset and capital, marketing mistakes will be further reduced. As the market continues to scroll through the expansion of business, the "base" market, the expansion of the site, these experiences and lessons learned even more rich, marketing, risk of getting lower and lower.

    (2) help ensure that resources in a timely manner to meet

    Market is beginning to scroll "base" market "players together," based on. Have been bigger and stronger "base" of the market to open up markets for new bumper profits to provide adequate capital accumulation, "base" marketing practice to become corporate marketing personnel training "Whampoa Military Academy", which can be in the market continuously to expand in the front marketing talents.

    3. Conducive to the steady consolidation of market expansion

    "Snowball" marketing strategy is to market vehicles in the existing prison in the occupied before coming to the new peripheral market development, adhere to sound practical ideas, to reach every step of the goal.

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