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Wenzhou investors flock to carry huge amounts of money non-ferrous metal industry

  Relative to the property and stock markets, antique paintings and other investments, non-ferrous metals is relatively unknown in Wenzhou investors investment channels, but also attracted many investors are trying to find the direction of Wenzhou investors. August 28, the first domestic non-ferrous metals non-ferrous metals trading platform for pan-Asian Stock Exchange to bring Ningxia TV, CBN and other media in the temperature at the "2011 Investment benchmark" investment report, investment in private capital in Wenzhou Sheng invite non-ferrous metals, together with drawer runner competition for international capital, international non-ferrous metals pricing.

    Pan-Asian non-ferrous metals exchange, according to executive director of one nine-liang, said Wang Xiaoming, general manager of Wenzhou Branch Exchange, April 21 Exchange of official "opening" So far, a total of 10 billion yuan of funds approach, while Wenzhou Branch 5 8 "open" since more than three months, more than 500 investor accounts, Wenzhou, investment funds, 200 million yuan, accounting for the total turnover of 1 / 5.

    Pan-Asian non-ferrous metals exchange based in the "non-ferrous metals Kingdom" of Kunming, the Kunming city government approved the establishment,drawer slides by the Kunming city government and other relevant departments of supervision and management. Transactions using electronic cash transactions, the first batch of listed species are silver and precious metals indium, followed by the rich Yunnan Province will be the basis of non-ferrous metal resources, select non-ferrous metals, rare metals, minor metals and other commodities gradually listed.

    What is the competition for international pricing? Single nine-liang, Wang Xiaoming, explained that China is the largest producer of non-ferrous metals and the use of power. As a rule, the international non-ferrous metal prices should develop or participate in the development of China. But in fact, this is not right to speak Chinese. Such as copper, lead, tin, zinc and other commodity prices is international capital in Europe and America gathered in London Futures Exchange (LME) to control, rising Chinese demand, prices immediately soared. China's output of major non-ferrous metals such as indium, a reasonable value of up to 30,000 yuan / kg, but less than 6,000 yuan / kg, the lowest or only 2,000 yuan / kg, international capital has long been tightly lower prices, by the international buyer's "exploitation" to rise and can not. Such a dilemma because of the current trading mechanism, the Chinese buyer's market that is serious enough domestic capital participation, can not form a force to contend with international capital.

    Pan Asia is the future goal of non-ferrous metals exchange, "hoping to master certain types of non-ferrous metals in the international pricing." In order to directly confront with international capital, in addition to setting the morning, afternoon, two trading periods, the Exchange also ad hoc time synchronization with the European exchange-traded, 20 am to 2 am the next day's dinner trade.

    As the number of non-ferrous metals can grasp the international pricing, and can grasp to what extent, depends on the degree to enter the Chinese capital. In the strange case also has 2 billion of Wenzhou private capital approach, is to facilitate open pan to warm, "2011 Investment benchmark" investment report will be one of the reasons. Wang Xiaoming said that in the stock market, property investment market in the doldrums and other relevant policies and adversely affect the case, Wenzhou investors may wish to join the international competition for non-ferrous metals pricing, and international capital to enjoy the fun of dance and achievement.

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