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On the China International Hardware hardware business and the gap between brand

   Bring metal products industry, people may be unfamiliar, but as soon as you walked into the kitchen, bathroom, they immediately entered the hardware of the world, large whole cabinet, shower room, small taps, knives, scissors, metal products in our an indispensable actor in daily life an important role.

    2010 China's "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" last year, this year China's sustained rapid economic development has become the world's second largest economy. drawer slides With the rise of China's economic status, for China's hardware industry to create a favorable market environment. China's hardware industry on the world stage to play an increasingly important role in China's hardware industry are making strides from the "Made in China" to "China" shift from "extensive" to "intensive" change. This change, so that China's hardware industry ushered in a new era: an age of branding.

    At the same time, we should also see that China's hardware business and international hardware brands, there is still a large gap.

    1 Technical

    Currently, multinational hardware company's design capabilities and level of processing means are higher than our hardware business. Multinational enterprises have advanced hardware design of reserves, and China's hardware companies lack both the lack of funds and technology. Most hardware companies in the country are based on low-end products or OEM OEM, high-end products and brand products are still dominated by international brand.drawer runner Hand tools, and because the profit margins were compressed, downward movement is reduced, companies rely on price competition is difficult to establish core competencies.

    At present, China's hardware products and more businesses located in the high-grade, because in the country, there is no low-end product sales, from this perspective, the higher mid-range line of business is completely competitive, "forced out". In terms of appearance or interior, from the sophistication of the point of view, the domestic hardware products and international hardware brands there is a considerable gap. For example from Germany Hafele has the world's longest line, there is a large amount of product. H?fele products in manual record and standing in the warehouse, a total of more than ten million products. H?fele is one of the few worldwide to provide both furniture hardware, architectural hardware companies also provided, as well as for the end consumer retail channels. And domestic firms can be described in this development has been stagnant.

    2 brand

    Although domestic brands in the hardware business in recent years made great progress, but the characteristics of the distribution from the business point of view, there is still "South Industrial, North Distribution" feature. In Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian and other provinces and cities based industrial base to the main distribution base in the north, forming a pattern of domestic production and sales companies hardware. The influx of international hardware brands will undoubtedly have an enormous impact on the domestic market. China has entered the foreign hardware companies, are in the international renowned multinational companies, they have a good reputation can provide users with high-quality products, perfect service. Such as the H?fele group has become the world's largest furniture hardware and construction hardware supplier. Germany Hafele Group entered China in early 1996. After years of development, H?fele (China) has become the furniture and kitchen areas, the preferred home improvement company and real estate developers, furniture hardware, architectural hardware supplier.

    A large number of domestic hardware companies appear big, it's something the past few years, but and have been for decades or a century old giant multinational hardware under a high, indeed, there are still gaps.

    Currently, hardware brands in the domestic market is still the main competitive low prices. Joint venture brands with the increasing degree of internationalization, as well as further expansion of production scale, the cost is bound to fall dramatically, low-cost advantages of own brand products will become more obvious, face greater challenges. As the world's largest hardware provider, H?fele in addition to the product itself, if customers have special needs, but also to provide customers with solutions, to help them solve the problem. In addition, Hafele also provides customers with training, teach them how to install and better use of our products. When the introduction of new products, H?fele companies will be invited to experience some of our customers so that they become the first person to understand H?fele products; the same time, H?fele will take part in the exhibition, will introduce the product to more customers and design division. Finally, H?fele service will help them to solve all possible problems, with very good service to win customers.

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