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« On the China International Hardware hardware business and the gap between brandChongqing small mold customers step outside to "go out" »

Hardware brand innovation, "two-pronged approach" hegemony rivers and lakes

    "Made in China" and hardware products uncompetitive in the international market is the key to the lack of industry brands and innovation, and many hardware companies of the "old" situation of poor technological innovation for decades without innovation, without their own brand is the key factors. Throughout China's hardware market, intense competition giants to vicious competition as the main means to reduce prices to win customers with little brand concentration. In the international market, is competitive, competitive advantage is increasingly eroded.

    How can the Chinese hardware manufacturing bigger and stronger? Improve the international competitiveness?

    China's hardware industry from a world manufacturing power into a tough brand of large state-owned long way to go, only identify the constraints of China's hardware industry brand development bottleneck and a breakthrough in order to improve competitiveness.drawer runner China's hardware business to do is to meet the automotive, shipbuilding industry, the high threshold of this demand, the implementation of product upgrades, out excellent products. In other words, China's hardware business to win in the end must be carried out on the market research and innovation, they must establish their own brands.

    Some people might think: Hardware is more low-end industries, we are a small business, nothing can be innovative, high-end can not be done very, very environmentally friendly, more difficult to establish a brand. So, we look at Taiwan's hardware business, mostly very small scale, drawer slides but there are a hardware tools manufacturing strong. Why is this? The reason, Taiwan's hardware business very seriously no matter how small technical input, attach great importance to the brand and quality.

    Affect a country's brand value is a key factor in the level of a national "industrial brand" of the overall brand image and the degree of industrialization. United States, Japan, EU and other countries and regions, some of the brand, are strong brands. Medium and long term, China is still to start domestic demand, especially consumer demand, changes in economic growth, change the export-led growth driven. China's hardware products, from "Made in China" to "Created in China 'brand and innovation is the key.

    We might cite a few examples. For example, the Chinese automotive fasteners, due to lack of independent intellectual property rights and brands, the Chinese market has become the world's giants fasteners gluttonous feast. Today, passenger cars, imported car brand in China car market accounted for more than 80%. These are high-end car brands in the domestic production line assembly, and the car as much as 60% or more fasteners are imported. It is understood that the general standard parts of China's exports in the international market, selling only $ 1,200 / ton, while imports of some high-grade fasteners have to 8000-10500 U.S. dollars / ton, a difference of 7-8 times.

    The introduction of car models, foreign investors invested 30%, with about 50% of the shares, but it took 70% of the profits, while Chinese enterprises will receive only 30% of the profits. This, of course with these fasteners on foreign ownership of intellectual property products, and there are some objective reasons, our manufacturing quality fastener products and the existence of some stability problems, as well as brand factor. Another example is China valve industry, valve industry association of Wenzhou City, Huang Zuoxing has this analogy, said: "Before a valve train pulled out of the skin will sell 100 million, is now two valves will be able to sell one million yuan . the improvement of scientific and technological content, will make a substantial increase in corporate profits. "Therefore, increasing technological innovation innovation of China's hardware industry can not be evaded.

    In summary, brand and innovation can be described as Chinese enterprises to improve competitiveness of metal magic. Chinese hardware companies should make efforts in these areas, in an attempt to become bigger and stronger as soon as possible, to improve competitiveness.

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