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Furniture industry sales season approaching, or fuse into a price increase

   Home building materials market, including furniture, cabinets, ceramics, flooring, doors and other fields, I visited the city a new home flowers Plaza, Central Plains Luan home building materials market and the glory of international big market and found that both the field of goods which are a variety of brands, people could not bear. I focus on watching a little furniture store, furniture Pioneer, Ao Mani, Kimberly, Po Lancashire and many other brands, these names look very "Western style" brand furniture, mostly produced in China, Sichuan Chengdu, Foshan, Guangdong,drawer runner Shenzhen and other places, prices ranging from 1000-10000 yuan.

    I visited in the home building market, the encounter from time to time consumers go to buy, mostly because they are married or moved house needs. Central Plains Luan international home building materials market, the author on the current sales price of home building materials consulting a number of brand sales staff, most of the sales staff said, moved house home building materials is a necessity of marriage, coupled with the improvement of people's economic level , its sales price is not bad. A brand of furniture sales manager told reporters: "We do the brand, to ensure the quality, mostly old customers with new customers, sales are good, the monthly turnover in a hundred thousand dollars."

    By convention,drawer slides in the upcoming National Day, businesses in order to stimulate consumption, will offer a series of promotional activities. However, I learned that the current price increases that some brands of furniture has been quietly, or after the National Day will usher in a new round of price increases. New home flowers Plaza, a brand of furniture Ms. Lee told the sales staff, furniture store in early September they have been price increases. "September 1 after the goods have prices into a bed rose 300 yuan, about $ 500 wardrobe up 9 months after the furniture market will enter the season, in fact, more people understand this line will normally choose April and May to see the furniture, then settle down, then when you want to pick up, because then the sales season, the larger the margin of preference. "Another sales staff also told the author that their furniture prices this year in March and 8 up two months, after the National Day will be expected to price increases. Insiders told the author, raw materials, shipping and other costs of the main reason for rising prices of furniture.

    Compared with the price of some brands of furniture, I learned that some brands of goods but few price increases. Building Materials Sales Co., Ltd. in the Thunder Luan crown ceramic beads store manager Hu Mei Bao told reporters: "September to November is the season, but the season only means that sales increase, prices do not represent our products in these years, prices have remained stable over the sea freight from Guangzhou, up 3,000 yuan, our goods have no price, one is worried that consumers will not accept the other hand, we have to do is to brand and quality, commodity hedging effect is based on our marketing philosophy. "

    As we all know, home building materials market has been relatively recent fire, a fire might lead to more people share a piece of "cake", the interview, I also feel that this was on the market, many brands, the business also has its own set of marketing, for maximum benefits. Luan home building materials market, this "cake" have much room to explore, and its prospects be?

    In this regard, the Ray Building Materials Sales Co., Ltd. Luan beads ceramic crown Hu Mei Bao store manager gives her views, she believes, from Luan's market, nearly 10 years is still very optimistic about the prospects. "From Luan current development situation, it is a developing livable city in recent years, the continuous development of the outer ring of Luan, the following is also growing township, the township's roads and other infrastructure were improved, so that , home building materials market, both in the urban areas or in the following towns, and its prospects are optimistic. "

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