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2011 Ceramic public areas coexist survival analysis Opportunities and Challenges

   Rise thanks to the ceramic-producing areas of the Foshan ceramics industry to implement large-scale transfer. At present, the ceramic-producing areas showed "low, small, scattered," the situation in which industry-level low, small-scale enterprises, casual space layout. The areas can no longer rely on low land costs, environmental threshold is low, low paid labor force, low corporate taxes, lower raw material costs as advantages.

    Zibo ceramic producing state

    Recently, drawer slides small series have visited the Chinese city of wealth ceramics, Chinese ceramics science and technology city, building materials wholesale Zichuan Walled City and Yang Ceramic Industrial Park, building ceramics enterprises, the market found deserted, and warehouses were full, many companies in a few amount of inventory million to tens of millions of dollars. In the interview often hear "so and so businesses, or to turn off" the rumors.

    Ceramic-producing areas of high security status

    High-security areas of infrastructure continue to improve. It is reported that in October 2010, high-security official ceramic base Sand Lake surface water supply to the base business, making the base end of the business status of groundwater use, water companies are now normal;drawer runner Yangqiao base 2 substation substation and declare success, and has construction, such as in April 2011 power supply, completely settled for two electric power production and provide protection.

    Minqing ceramic producing state

    Minqing ceramics there is "small and scattered," the organizational structure and the "small and low," the industrial structure, technological equipment and management level is relatively low. This market by foreign anti-dumping and other factors, sales decline, the domestic market, the product added value, competitive advantage is not obvious. And now energy saving a lot of pressure, if you use natural gas as fuel, many companies almost no profit at all, "because companies do not Minqing large production capacity in the 7.8 ten million to two hundred million or so, coal-based energy," Min Qing Gong, deputy director of the Institute generation ceramic says.

    Yueyang ceramic producing state

    Wall at Yueyang County Industrial Park, Industrial Park of Yueyang county government building in recent years vigorously to create a modern large-scale building materials production base, planning area of ??7 square kilometers. Yatai has been settled there, Hua Xiong, Babson, days Yan, Jincheng, Hong Thai and a number of ceramic enterprises developed rapidly, the current production of antique tiles, internal and external wall, tiles and other products. Yueyang county government as strongly supported by industry, building materials currently Yueyang County Industrial Park, not only for production companies to create a favorable external environment, including policy support, supporting the construction of the park, also urged companies to do the internal management, internally and externally, to promote ceramic industry has become resource-saving and environment-friendly industries.

    Jiajiang ceramic producing state

    I further found that, in supporting a large number of ceramic enterprises, most enterprises are relatively small, can provide are basically some of the low-end products and primary services. For many large-scale matching of raw materials, chemical raw materials, ceramic machinery basically need from abroad, which virtually increases the production cost as a constraint to the development of a ceramic Jiajiang can not be ignored.

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