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Xinsheng Hardware main product drawer slides, drawer runner.

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Market Watch: For the hardware industry, a comprehensive campaign of the domestic market

   Crown Group Hardware Tools Co., Ltd. Shanghai pulse chain was established in 2003. According to my understanding, Crown Group plans today in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Chongqing, Jinhua five tool chain's flagship store set up, open up the domestic market.

     "Sell very well during the first half of this year." Hu Commission summed up the crown group into the first half performance. Statistics show that the crown group in the first half production increased 55%, output value increased by 58%. Booked through October of this year, drawer runner running at full capacity every day, even under the workshop need to manage staff time each month not less than 24 hours. Even so, the Crown Group is clearly aware that this is mainly caused by the foreign distributor of seasonal replenishment of stocks, then be walking on two legs, Rio Tinto, the domestic market.

     High value-added products in order to earn more profits. Beyond the focus of Zhejiang Industrial Co., Ltd. motorcycle accessories and garden products are machinery and garden tools. However, due to the motorcycle industry is growing by the electric bicycle and automobile industry, drawer slides extrusion, and the future is less clear, so the company to ensure the normal development of motorcycle accessories based on the business and began to focus on garden machinery.

     In Europe and America market, Japanese companies occupy a high-end market garden machinery, while the low-end market is completely empty, full of opportunities. In the first half, the company exports to Europe and garden machinery market has achieved 20% growth.

     "Previously, the company's main market garden machinery in Southeast Asia, now turned to European and American markets." Zhejiang Industrial Co., Ltd. General Manager Mok beyond China, said transfer target because they are aware of the two markets are different: the Southeast Asian market flooded with low-end products, price competition; technical barriers to U.S. and European markets higher, prices are high, but full of opportunities.

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