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Ceramic bathroom or a large store operators need to face rampant

   When consumers go shopping, usually like to go to larger stores, for consumers, large stores tend to have more products, more room for selection, attitude and after-sales service is also more satisfying. But because of this, the various brands of ceramic sanitary ware is now opening more than a large store, and regardless of how profitable such a large store and high-standard of decoration will undoubtedly make more and more difficult for ceramic sanitary ware companies to turn back to go ahead .

    Admittedly,drawer runner a large shop building has become the industry judge a brand with the power and influence are the primary criteria, however, hero of the bush can be rich overnight, it takes from the civilians to go to three generations of nobility, brand building is also true.

    As everyone knows, these stores can only be regarded as super stores, supermarkets Hall, also can not be called supermarkets, but can not be called HyperTerminal. As a point of sale terminals, it carries many brand management functions, such as product and brand selection, inventory management, product demos, branding, product pricing, product shopping guide, product promotion, marketing services, resource integration, and even including information management, credit guarantees and brand investment and other functions, is a system of organisms.

    A number of industry professionals and experts have said that the ceramic industry has entered the era of big shops, the terminal has become a major future market trends. Moving several thousand square meters, one fitting into millions of little more than a thousand million renovation of luxury,drawer slides and home appliance industry, Gome, Suning Appliance HyperTerminal compared to ceramic industry is greater.

    As the ceramic industry has a large shop has become a trend, more to build bigger stores, more luxurious decoration, and even blowing Wasteful, into the growing surge, many of them want to get involved in this brand and business to follow up and helpless, virtually the the ceramic industry, a number of market inputs and resources are wasted in the exhibition building, but need to enhance the management, training, services, investment can not keep pace.

    Due to the time development of the industry, manufacturers responsible for the overall quality of people and talent constraints, especially modern management concepts and tools behind, ceramic industry, many super stores now have only some of the features of HyperTerminal, the terminal operational capacity is unsatisfactory , the so-called 'super-terminal' specious.

    Ceramic industry has a lot of face, not the lining, the terminal into a super "puffiness." According to reports, a number of large-store sales today are not optimistic, a number of shops is hat and no cattle, can be expected, the ceramic industry in the HyperTerminal already has the hardware construction conditions, but if not timely software upgrades, these super-store only Super face the entire industry works.

    Floating on the surface in the face of more and more stores and renovation, and when the grand opening, ceramic sanitary products, their quality and design as well as other have become secondary, this upside for the market or whether the enterprise's own development are not favorable.

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