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Ceramic industry would first focus on five major trends in 2011

  In crude oil, coal, mineral-based raw materials and chemical-based raw materials rose sharply in the larger environment, our building ceramics, sanitary ware industry through a difficult 2010. According to the National Bureau of Statistics data show that the ceramic industry in 2010 industrial output value totaled 166.052 billion yuan, up 33.77%, the growth rate in 2009 increased by more than 16.17 percent. 2011, the prospect of China's ceramic industry and development trends? Small series set out the development of ceramic industry in 2011, five major trends.

    Trend: the rising costs

    First half of 2010, ceramic raw material prices climbing higher and higher. June, praseodymium oxide from 16 yuan / ton rose to 210,000 yuan / ton, zinc oxide,drawer slides also rose by 600 yuan / ton, up $ 100 imported zirconium / ton, made of zirconia up to 1,000 yuan / ton. Copper, cobalt, nickel and other non-ferrous metal prices driven by international markets and the impact of higher shipping prices, domestic prices rose pigment is also 15% to 30%. In addition, as an important raw material glaze frit prices also increased, rising by as much as 20%. From 2010 to the present, chemical raw material prices rose more than 100% coal price is also from the lowest 700 yuan / ton up to nearly a thousand dollars. In addition, labor costs, logistics costs, drawer runner water and electricity prices also increased. Production costs continued to increase, a considerable portion of production, low-end products decline or even a loss of business efficiency.

    Trends: oversupply

    In recent years, with the escalation of the transfer of the ceramics industry, ceramic producing areas everywhere. According to statistics, except Tibet, provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and almost all built ceramic production lines. In addition to Foshan, Zibo, Jiajiang, and other traditional ceramic producing areas outside Jinjiang, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Henan, Hebei, Liaoning, new areas are emerging. Such as Jiangxi high security, as of October 2010, up to 91 ceramic enterprises, total investment of 17.9263 billion yuan, of which 55 ceramic manufacturers, the proposed building and sanitary ceramics production line 302. At this stage there are 69 construction companies, of which 50 companies already in operation. In 2010, local pottery companies to complete the main business income of 100 billion yuan, total nearly 350 million square meters, over a hundred million to complete the tax.

    Chongqing Siweiciye built nine modern tunnel kiln and shuttle kiln 3, forming an annual output of 4.5 million high profile sanitary ceramics, glazed four million square meters, 30,000 bath, 90 million sets of supporting the production of metal parts capacity. The sharp increase in production capacity, market oversupply, and industry-wide sales growth of less than output growth, industry-wide oversupply and the structural contradictions are still outstanding problems constraining development of the industry. Market supply and demand will further intensify, the excessive expansion of production capacity will further intensify competition in the market, will gradually evolve into a ceramic industry in 2011 continued to affect the healthy development of the principal contradiction.

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